She said she knew what happened. Granny Huang spoke slowly, and when I was frustrated, she told me more slowly that the result made me even more anxious. She said that the one who pressed the TV was indeed Uncle Shen, but there were three other ghosts who had fled to the neighborhood since July and a half. Out of curiosity, she came to watch the play with Uncle Shen every day. She said that she went to ask Uncle Shen. He felt that his son had been raised in vain. He had been dead for several years and his ashes were still in the funeral parlor. Moreover, he did not miss anyone in the world, but he could not let go of the play. So Granny Huang asked me if I could fulfill Uncle Shen’s wish. Granny Huang said that he was old, and sometimes he dared not go too deep because he was afraid that he would not come back. But what Granny Huang said, I know is enough, after all, she asked me to help, I can not help. At that moment, I told Mr. Liu that Mr. Liu was a local, and I asked him to find a Sichuan Opera troupe in the local area, because Sichuan Opera in Chongqing was still authentic, and to find a good singer to sing a solo at home was also a long-cherished wish of the old man. According to what Granny Huang said, Went to the funeral home. At the service desk, I found the number of Uncle Shen’s ashes, and then I found the annual renewal and the contact number left in the funeral parlor. Unfortunately, this phone is not Uncle Shen’s son, but a brother of Uncle Shen’s son. For such a son, I really hate him so much that I gnash my teeth. It seems that he has many parents who have passed away and are alone in the ashes hall. Even the time to buy a cemetery for the elderly is not willing to squeeze out,inflatable water slide, but also ask friends to renew every year, such a son is really raised in vain. Fortunately, through his son’s buddies, I also found his son’s phone number. When I called his son, to be honest, I also suppressed my anger. After all, I didn’t have a position to speak. I just told him the truth in a flat tone. For example, his father was haunted and spent in other people’s houses. For example,Inflatable water park factory, when he died, a group of old people were saying that his son was not filial. Otherwise, the old man will haunt you for a lifetime. Whether he believed it or was afraid, I did hear later that the ashes of the old man were taken away by his son and buried in the cemetery. When I got back to Mr. Liu’s house, he was waiting for me to come back. I told the troupe master to ask him to sing a few verses. Listening to the opera at close range is also a unique feeling. Chinese opera is broad and profound, and young people like me who are deeply infected by Cui Jian and BEYOND will not understand it. After singing, Mr. Liu paid the money and sent the troupe master away. I guess the old man got what he wanted now, so he continued to try to lead the way. This time I obviously felt that they had been relieved and followed me quietly. After tidying up everything in the house, Mr. Liu and I brought his mother back from the neighbor’s house. I said to his mother, “Grandma, you’re lucky you have a good son.”. Because I know that at least the old man in front of me will not be as desolate as Uncle Shen. And that kind of desolation, not loneliness, nor despair, but cold to the heart of helplessness and sadness. Chapter 37 the way back A while ago, there was a hubbub of news. Henan Fengmen Village incident, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable outdoor park, I saw that feature film, like that kind of place actually appeared some strange things become not strange, since people can go there, why can’t ghosts. I also love to travel, and I am also a backpacker. But what I want to say is something else. In the summer of 2009, a friend of mine in the outdoor circle came to my house and talked to me about a strange thing. In June of that year, my friend organized several hikers in Chongqing to go to a place called Meitan near Zunyi, Guizhou. It is said that there is a natural scenery called “Bamianshui”, which has not yet been developed, and the clear water can only be seen on sunny days. So seven of them set out from Chongqing in the evening and arrived the next day. After getting off the bus, he walked for about a few hours and saw that it was getting late, so he camped in a corn field with the consent of the local people. June is the season when corn should begin to ripen, but the corn field is cut down to corn piles.
At that moment, they didn’t care too much. After setting up the tent, everyone began to take pictures and make a lot of noise. At night, they made a fire and got something to eat. They were very tired, so they went to bed early. But when I woke up the next morning, I found one of the team members sleeping outside the tent, and the sleeping posture was so ugly that I couldn’t wake up. The other six were up, but he was still sleeping. Everyone teased him that he might be sleepwalking at night, and now he was sleeping to death, so he poured some water on his head and woke up. After breakfast, everyone proposed to look for Bamianshui, but only the team member who slept outside last night said no, he had a headache. He said he was here to guard the camp, and then he got into the tent. The other six people went to Bamianshui by themselves, making a lot of noise all the way, and didn’t come back until the evening. After returning to the camp, he found that the former team member who was going to guard the camp had disappeared. Everyone looked around, and finally he came out of the bamboo forest near the corn field. Looks very uncomfortable, we see people come back, also did not ask, that night and fire, after a night’s rest, the next day to start walking back. When I got up the next morning, I found that the team member had slept outdoors again, and his posture was the same as the previous night, twisted and very indecent. Wake him up again, and then start packing up the camp, and then start the return journey. Originally all this as a small episode in the journey, also did not feel how, until a weekend after coming back, this group of team members made an appointment to watch the film at one of the team members’homes, that is, to share the photos taken on this trip. My careful friend accidentally found that in two different photos taken by different people, but from the same angle, one of them. On the top of a small tree behind the group photo, there is a white dress,inflatable floating water park, while the other one has nothing. He noticed that the picture with the white clothes was very strange, so he secretly saved the pictures. And find me. I turned on the computer and plugged in his USB flash disk, and I really saw the white dress which was a little blurred.

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