I dare not expect, my hands with a knife stained with blood can save who, I only hope that I can live more sober. At least, don’t let me hear the crying of those children, don’t let me see the crying red eyes of those mothers. The sword in my hand does not exist to slaughter them. If I am not happy, if I am not happy, at least let me wake up. Gu Yuexi looked at the flowing water in front of her, and her thoughts were moving. She felt confused, she had never been so confused. I don’t know whether to hate or love. I don’t know whether to kill or save. I don’t know where to go, I don’t know who I am.. Zuo Yanxi? Gu Yuexi? I feel like I’m not me, so what should I be? What’s wrong with me. Zuo Yanxi, dead you. Are you laughing at me somewhere at the moment? You are my destiny. You let me meet him. The mountain streams flow endlessly, and no one knows where they go. Gu Yuexi pointed and smiled softly, “White Beaver,face detection android, you should have come to pick me up earlier.” The man in white behind him showed himself, and the white beaver smiled. “I’ve been smelling you for a long time. Xi’er, your evil spirit is going up to the Nine Heavens. Why don’t you restrain yourself quickly?” Gu Yuexi shook his head meaninglessly, “Oh.” Your aura has also increased a lot. “Uh..” I can’t compare with you, but the valley is really a good place to practice. “It’s a boundary set by the immortals in ancient times. If it weren’t for your own cultivation, it would be a dead end to go in..” Gu Yuexi said as he went into the water. You want to go into the valley? The beaver asked her. Where else would I go? Gu Yuexi asked him in reply. It’s easy to live in the valley. One year in the world changes into a hundred years. You have to think clearly. Gu Yuexi smiled bitterly. “What else is there to think about? I can’t do anything to stay here.”. I can only go back to the valley and wait. “What’s the matter?” “He took Shaner.” And Xin’er,digital whiteboard price, I can’t save them like this. “I’ll save it.” Gu Yuexi was stunned. She turned to look at the white beaver. She knew that the white beaver liked to be clean and did not like to stir up dust, not to mention this bloody thing. “You’re tired. Go back to the valley and rest.” The white beaver said lightly. Gu Yuexi was suddenly moved, and she burst out laughing, “ha ha.” Beaver, you should be a living Bodhisattva! Ha ha ha The white beaver frowned, and once again he was laughed at by this woman. Oh, forget it. Don’t haggle with her. You can’t be scolded or beaten anyway. Right Xi’er. “Eh?”? What “Who is Xin?” “…… He It’s my son. The woman in the water was laughing, and the man on the shore shook his head helplessly and waved his sleeves away. Xiao Shuyao woke up in a daze. In a daze, she felt herself sitting up with a big hand. When she opened her eyes, she saw Xiao Shuqing sitting on the edge of the bed. Why are you looking at me like that? “You..” Xiao Shuyao was so surprised that she could hardly speak. You Have you seen Xi’er? “Yes.” Xiao Shu Qingluan nodded as a matter of course, temperature check kiosk ,thermal imaging camera, “she didn’t go very far.” “…… What about her? Where is it? “Let’s go.” Xiao Shu Qingluan answered. Leave Xiao Shuyao looked at him in a daze, “you let her go?” Xiao Shu Qingluan laughed, “Yao, what’s wrong with you?”? That’s a strange question. If she wants to go, do I have to tie her up? “But.” Xiao Shuyao didn’t know what to say for a moment. I gave her a ride, she said you are not in good health, need more rest, I rushed back to see you, ah, the maid told me that you fainted. Look at you. Xiao Shu Qingluan said plain, listening to Xiao Shu Yao’s ears is a different feeling. She suddenly felt happy, she felt so happy. She was so happy that she wanted to cry. She’s really happy. Xiao Shu Qingluan saw Xiao Shu Yao smiling, but his eyes gradually turned red, and the way he wanted to cry but laugh made him puzzled. Yaoer? “Hehe..” I’m fine. Xiao Shuyao smiled and wiped away the slightly naked tears from her eyes.
She was really loved, she was loved, she was loved by him. Why do you understand now. Why do you always believe that he loves someone else? She shouldn’t. She shouldn’t be suspicious of him. She’s got everything he can give. So, what can she complain about? “Qingluan.” Xiao Shuyao took his hand, and she wanted to tell him her secret. Xiao Shu Qingluan laughed, “you just called my name.” It sounds better than your Majesty. Xiao Shuyao smiled, took his hand and gently put it on his lower abdomen, which had not yet been highlighted, “I want to tell you one thing..” Xiao Shu Qingluan Leng Leng looked at the piece of skin under his hands, and froze. After a while, he murmured, … Is it true. Xiao Shuyao smiled and nodded, “really.” Xiao Shu Qingluan seemed to be silly all of a sudden, staring at her abdomen and asking: “.” In here? Xiao Shuyao burst out laughing, “Yes!”! It’s in here! Ha-ha “Yao.” “Ha ha ha ha.” The laughter of the two men came from the room, and the maids outside covered their mouths and laughed secretly. They winked at each other and left, leaving the courtyard full of warm incense. Will God give me happiness as long as I have enough patience? Is not as long as I am strong enough, can also give others happiness? If you want to be happy, you are doomed to get a scar. This book is first published by Xiaoxiang Novel Original Network, please keep it for reprinting! Finally back to the sixth section of the hatred of the foam. [Updated February 12, 2007 2:10:57 Words in this Chapter: 5976] The army of Hua Ge was stationed three hundred miles outside the capital of the eastern kings,information kiosk price, and there had been no movement for seven days. She sat alone in the room, holding a bag of tea in her hand. Her eyes were dull and she didn’t know what she was thinking. Lin Yizhi has not come back for several nights. Said to discuss the military situation, this went and did not come back.

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