Originally, he was going to stick to the bottom line and not let Lin continue to follow him in any case, but now the words of refusal came to his mouth, but as if there was a lump in his throat, he swallowed it back. The air was silent and quiet, and the two men could only hear each other’s intertwined breathing in the noisy market. For a long time, Shigemitsu sighed silently, softened his attitude, and wanted to open his mouth to say that everything was up to Lin himself. But before he could say a word, he realized something, suddenly turned his head, his pupils shrank, and in his present posture, Lin Hu was behind him for a moment, his whole body was full of momentum, and his fierce dark eyes were staring in a certain direction. A familiar sweet fragrance mixed with fishy smell passed through the crowded market and came faintly in their direction with the wind. Chapter 21 021 The crowded market was still noisy, and no one seemed to think anything was wrong. However, many people cast their eyes on Shigemitsu and Lin, as if they thought this pair of strange faces were more strange. Heavy light was alert all over, stepped back slightly at his feet, and gently pushed Lin behind him with his hand. His voice came from his throat in a low voice,jacuzzi swim spa, which seemed a little dull. You go first. Only three words in a hurry had just been said, and before the voice had fallen, several shadows were caught off guard and rushed out from all directions, showing a kind of encirclement, and gathered around the two of them. Lin quickly clung to Shigemitsu, his feet standing stiffly in place, his heart beating like a drum in his ears. He looked around quietly and found that the group of people were all dressed in uniform black clothes,5 person hot tub, which seemed to be different from the dress of the people in the valley described in the book, and he could not help wondering. Is the previous guess wrong? These people are actually not the people of Jiyigu at all? All previous assumptions have been overturned, and now facing such a dangerous dilemma, Lin’s hands can not help but unconsciously clench, eyebrows slightly twisted. In his memory, there did not seem to be such a black-clad organization in the original book, and the group of people in front of him even covered their faces, making it even more impossible for him to distinguish. The identity of the visitors is confusing, the number of people is large, they are undoubtedly at an absolute disadvantage, now even if he wants to go, I am afraid there is no way to escape. Within seconds of the appearance of the men in black, the market, centered on their area, suddenly erupted into a violent uproar and noise, jacuzzi bath spa ,whirlpool hot tub, as if it had exploded. This was completely beyond Lin’s expectation, which made his eyes widen and he looked around, surprised to find that the passers-by in the market who had not yet responded suddenly began to hide everywhere, accompanied by a burst of comments and exclamations. Of course, there are also some bold and powerful practitioners who do not hide, but stand where they are, staring wantonly in the direction of their side. But that is only a minority. This is really a strange phenomenon. Crisis often makes people think quickly, Lin looked at the crowd of birds and beasts scattered, the heart is a move, a guess faintly floating in the heart. It was obvious that the passers-by in the market were unfamiliar and wary of the appearance of the men in black. However, for the sweet smell just now, they were clearly accustomed to it. Since the market belongs to the forces of Jiyigu, these vendors and passers-by are naturally familiar with everything in Jiyigu, including the most poisonous breath of Jiyingu. So this group of men in black should indeed be the people in the valley, but they all changed their clothes in the valley, probably in order to hide their identity. Putting all the guesses and clues together, Lin got such a seemingly reasonable answer. Now they are in the jurisdiction of Jiyi Valley, for this group of men in black, almost equivalent to their own door, so they dare to appear directly in public. And the reason why they were dressed in black and covered their faces was that they did not expose their whereabouts in the boundary of Yuxumen and acted quietly so as not to make trouble. After all, Yuxumen is firmly seated in the position of the largest school today, and it is absolutely an existence that is not easy to provoke. Want to understand this point, the vigilance in Lin’s heart reached an unprecedented height in an instant.
Seeing the men in black slowly shrink their encirclement and approach them little by little, he quietly raised his hand, pinched the metacarpal bone of the heavy light twice where others could not see it, and drew an arrow in the palm of the heavy light with his soft finger pulp. The direction of the arrow is the direction of the entrance of Jiyi Valley. Lin tried to use this method to hint at the heavy light, let him know that this group of people themselves are the people in the valley, in any case should not rush into the valley, otherwise it is absolutely a dead end. However, Shigemitsu wrapped his fingers in the palm of his hand, clenched them hard, hesitated for only two seconds, and then grabbed his arm with his backhand, pulled him back to his back in an instant, and turned to run towards the valley. Instead of doing it according to Lin’s idea, he even did the opposite. Lin was caught off guard by the sudden change and lay on his thin back for a long time, until the wind whistling in his ears made his cheeks ache, and the cold touch made him come to his senses. What are you doing? Are you crazy? They know this place better than we do. Why did you go into the valley? It was rare for him to speak so loudly to Shigemitsu, regardless of the wind that filled his mouth as soon as he opened his mouth. Shigemitsu, however, just buried his head and ran at a high speed, without answering him at all. Perhaps his behavior also made the men in black feel unexpected, and soon after they entered the valley, they actually left the group behind. However, their tense nerves have not been slightly relaxed, after all,endless swim spa, they are now in a dangerous place, and may be attacked at any time. It was not until the pursuer disappeared that the speed of the heavy light slowed down slightly and turned several directions to ensure that it would not soon be found by the man in black. The ends of his hair were wet with sweat and stuck to his cheeks, and he looked a little tired. Escape from the tiger’s mouth almost overdraws his mysterious power and physical strength.

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