Cloud Yang received the soul card, where will go all out with these people, did not see more than ten immortals over there, if they blocked the space, that can be troublesome. A dragon in the sky, Yunyang instantly moved out, and behind him, followed by a group of top practitioners and scattered immortals, immortals, obviously, no one intends to let him go. The Dead Sea, one of the seven most dangerous places in the realm of cultivation, is said to disappear. The reason for this is that everyone knows that it has something to do with the person in front of him. Therefore, when Yunyang just moved away in an instant, many people followed him. Among them, all the immortals did not fall. Yunyang did not expect to be so welcomed as soon as he returned to the realm of cultivation, and once again he was caught up to heaven without a way to land. This makes him more determined to practice the idea of strength, if he is strong enough, these guys see him have to take a detour, where can be so embarrassed, and now he has a lot of good things, but have not yet come in handy. Yunyang’s flying dragon moved in a wide range of days. In the end, few practitioners could keep up with it. It was more than ten immortals and a few scattered immortals who were still pursuing it. After all,glass cream jars, the things in Yunyang’s hands were coveted by any school. The magic weapon changed from the Dead Sea was hard to see in ten thousand years. Yunyang now has some experience in dealing with the pursuit of immortals, but it is still very difficult for more than ten immortals to get rid of them. For this reason, Yunyang has to communicate with Ziyun Demon King in Tianfu while running for his life to see if he can come up with a way. After Ziyun Demon King and Ou Keqiong entered Tianfu, they never came out, because both of them knew that the person predicted by the world of the dead was Yunyang, not the two of them who later practiced the fire of the soul. Therefore, they did not appear in front of the King of the Soul Tree. Who knows if the old monster would leave one of them with two clicks. Haha, Yunyang, you are running for your life. After a few days of this comfortable life,Amber Dropper Bottles, you are being hunted down and killed again. You really have a grudge against these guys. Ziyun Demon King joked that he could talk directly to Yunyang through Tianfu, as long as Yunyang was willing. Don’t talk nonsense. If you didn’t have to deal with Huan Ran, would I have to get into trouble with these guys? Now you blame me. You have no conscience. Yun Yang while running for his life while fighting back, this Ziyun Demon King is now more and more evil, Yun Yang is now no way to take him. Conscience is what thing, early throw away, but, Yunyang, you have to run faster this time, I guess, those immortals have guessed who you are, perhaps, there are real immortals waiting for you in front of you. Ziyun Demon King jokes, but also knows that things are not simple, if Yunyang can not escape, they are also finished in Tianfu, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,30ml dropper bottle, at least, trapped is certain. If you don’t think of a way, I won’t be able to resist any more delay. It’s very hard to keep moving like this. Yunyang complained incessantly. Now he dared not stay for a moment. If he stayed a little, he would be intercepted and killed. What can I do? Unless you can hit the teleport array like last time, so they can’t lock on to where you’re going. Said Ziyun Demon King. Transport array, this thing is a way, damn it, fight. Yunyang knows that now is not the time to hesitate, if it is really blocked, then he plus Ziyun Demon King, Ou Keqiong is no match for those immortals, now Gu Tongqiu that more than 20 scattered immortals are still condensing the body of ancient scattered immortals, not more than ten or twenty years is not expected, and the King of Soul Tree. Suddenly, Yun Yang remembered that after the King of the Soul Tree pulled out the world of the dead and tossed it into a soul card, there was no movement. If there was such a great God, he would escape a fart. Yunyang tries to connect with the King of Soul Tree. There is a contractual connection between the two, and they can connect with each other spiritually. Boy, you ask for your own luck. I won’t make a move in such a drizzle. If you meet a master at the level of immortal emperor one day, you can find me again. The scenery of the real world is different. Boy, don’t run too fast. I haven’t seen enough yet. The sound of the King of the Soul Tree made Yunyang almost go on a rampage, and this guy was still in the mood to see the scenery. I said, “Elder Soul Tree King, if I hang here, how can you explain to that person?”.
“Yun Yang had no choice but to use the killer’s gate. The King of Soul Trees was probably a little afraid of that man.” Bah, it’s better if you die. I’ll be free. The guy only said he wanted me to help you practice, but he didn’t want me to be your nanny. What does your death have to do with me? Soul tree king scolds a way, apparently, to that person put it in the soul card, it is very discontented. Yunyang has no way to take it, since this guy said no effort, that is hopeless, it seems that we can only look for the transport array, the immortals on the body to remove the lock to say again, every time after being locked, like a ghost, later have to find a way to resolve this damn lock to go. Yunyang has been moving for a long time now, and has already left the star field where the Dead Sea was originally located. Just say that this transport array is not to be found. There are not many transport arrays in the barren planet, but in the planet where there are practitioners. Wait a minute. Shit, I’m jumping in these ghost places. I can just find a planet with a large population and hide it in it. I don’t believe it. What else can these guys do to me in a crowded place? Yun Yang suddenly figured out a truth, this transport array, of course, is the most true planet, what are you jumping on these barren planets. Think of this, cloud Yang began to move purposefully, now followed by a buttocks of immortals, as soon as possible to get rid of early peace ah. Yunyang does not know where he is now, anyway, a star field is in the past. Samba star, is an ordinary medium Xiuzhen planet, is also the only Xiuzhen planet in its star field. Samba star has become one of the transit stations to the Dead Sea Forbidden Area because it is located in the east of the Dead Sea. It has always been a large number of practitioners. A few days ago, there was a shock in the Dead Sea. More practitioners came to inquire about the news. After the eight sects and the first-class sects took over the blockade around the Other small and medium-sized forces of Xiuzhen have been excluded,Glass Cream Jars, as the neighboring Dead Sea Xiuzhen planet Samba, naturally staying a large number of Xiuzhen, to watch the development of the situation. penghuangbottle.com

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