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The miraculous effect of the silver needle was seen by everyone, and when he learned nature, he was very serious. This is a herbalist, already have the foundation, teaching up effortless. That is to say, the original plan was to recognize the acupoints in two months, but in the end, it was not expected to be completed in one month. Qi Miao is very happy, for such a speed, I believe that this group of people can return home before winter. He Shang’s attitude towards Qi Miao has obviously changed a lot since he had a deep talk with Gao Weilin. No longer as targeted as before, and no longer with guns and sticks. Of course, he is also a one-man show, Qi Miao simply ignored him. But now the relationship between the two people has returned to the original time, talking and laughing, nothing to tease. This day, two people are discussing the June rainy season frequent epidemic matter, He Shang said a lot of suggestions, Qi Miao shrugged his shoulders, some can adopt, some are afraid. Just say, what do I think? The rainy season is approaching, and the epidemic situation in farmers around the country should not be underestimated. Isn’t it good to burn the wormwood in every household to remove the smell? Qi Miao saw what war was so enthusiastic, and shook his head in a funny way, saying: “Burning mugwort leaves is not a very useful thing, take the epidemic for example,euro plastic pallet, there are many reasons, let alone..” “Oh, yes, yes!”! As soon as I tell you this, you tell me the great principles, the first and the second. He Shang curled his lips and looked unwilling. Seeing this, Qi Miao burst out laughing, took a sip from his teacup, and said: So the one you said is not suitable. Usually burning mugwort leaves is used to repel mosquitoes. What’s more,spill plastic pallet, wormwood is not omnipotent. He Shang did not listen to Qi Miao’s talk, and single-mindedly pondered how to prevent it. All of a sudden “Pow-” He clapped his hands and looked at her and raised his eyebrows: “Yes, don’t you bring out that powder? Can’t you use it?” Qi Miao unable to hold the forehead, a face of sincere looking at what war, the opening way: “Dude, let’s nip it in the bud, but we can’t panic.”. In the rainy season, as long as the amount of rain does not exceed, there is no water, and there is no death of poultry, there will be almost no outbreak. Besides.. “Who said, ‘Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case’? Haven’t you heard of it?” All right, a whole bar spirit! She told him this matter, just let him do a mental preparation, if there is really where the outbreak of the epidemic, directly to Liu Qiao they assembled, heavy duty plastic pallet ,wholesale plastic pallet, and then quickly sent over. But this one actually. Qi Miao took a deep breath and suppressed his impatience, saying: “You can rest assured, brother, as long as you hear the water there, you will gather Liu Qiao and all of them, stand by at any time, enough to use.”. If you really can’t, you can send someone to stand by! He Shang bit his lip and suddenly felt that he was really a little worried just now. He waved his hand in silence and said: “Oh, me, too. Why do you call this true son?”! Soldiers come to block the water and cover the earth! Qi Miao snapped his fingers, nodded in agreement, and said: Yes, that’s what it means. As long as you have enough people and medicine, there will be no problem. “Rest assured, now the whole Dongling factory has begun to make medicine, there will be absolutely no out-of-stock things.” He Shang promised to say. Qi Miao said some dry mouth, holding a teacup “Gu Dong.” Gudong.. After drinking it, he said: “I saw Yan Qianwu when I was taking a rest a while ago.” He Shang Wen Yan immediately understood what she was going to say, and hurriedly shook his head and waved his hand, saying: I don’t care about that. Don’t ask me. It’s their business between her and Zhuo Yihuan, and I can’t interfere. You’re pretty self-aware. You know what she wants to ask. Qi Miao laughed, played with the teacup in his hand, picked his eyebrow bone lightly, and said: “I didn’t mean to let you intervene, I just wanted to ask you about Zhuo Yihuan’s attitude towards her.”. Does he not like Yan Qianwu, or does he refuse Yan Qianwu because of his body? “Is there a difference?” He Shang asked in reply. …… Of course there is a difference! Qi Miao rolled his eyes, looked at his silly appearance, speechless, “there is an essential difference between the two, you say you know.” “I don’t know.” He Shang said honestly. ……” When Qi Miao heard this, he sighed heavily and planned to give up asking no more questions.
The guy in front of her was wood, and he didn’t understand what she meant. He also said that Gao Weilin was doomed to die alone, but he talked to Liu Hong and was already secretly together. In her opinion, this guy is a lonely life, doomed to a lonely life! Qi Miao’s every move, he Shang all see in the eye. Although he is a straight man of steel, he also knows that Qi Miao is a little dry at the moment. After thinking about it, he finally scratched the back of his head and asked: “What do you mean? Can’t you make it clear?” Make it clear?! Don’t you understand what she just expressed? This is slower than a pig! “I really admire you.”. Brother, I mean if Zhuo Yihuan doesn’t like Yan Qianwu, that’s all. If you like it, but because of physical problems, we can help, do you understand? “You haven’t found out that Yan Qianwu likes him.”. What’s more, what a sensation it was when she left Beijing. Now that she’s back, where do you put her face. She’s a woman, not a man, and she has a thick skin. When he Shang heard this, he was reluctant to say, “Hey-“. How can you say that? How can a man be thick-skinned? “Then tell me, what is Yan Qianwu facing when she finally returns to Beijing after such a big noise?” Qi Miao’s question left He Shang speechless. Then he opened his mouth sullenly: He doesn’t want to either. This is not.. His legs were crippled and his body was empty. He was afraid of delaying other girls. In a word, immediately let Qi Miao understand Zhuo Yihuan’s attitude. He hooked his finger at him and said softly: “I’ll tell you what, it’s okay.” Chapter 740 changes in the Hall of Elysium. He Shang’s facial expression changed from Qi Miao’s words, and finally he looked at her with a tangled face and said: You.. Confirm? If you do this, if Zhuo Yihuan doesn’t come,collapsible bulk container, then Yan Qianwu’s reputation will be ruined. Qi Miao shrugged his shoulders, looked at him with amusement, and asked: “Do you think she has a good reputation now?” 。 cnplasticpallet.com

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