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“You’re right, but..” said Zhao Yan with a smile. He paused and looked down at her with a half-smile. “One person can’t carry on the family line. The family can’t continue, can it?” His eyes moved down and he saw her waist as slender as a willow, beautiful, but. If the waist is too thin, will it be harder when you are pregnant? I have to say, His Highness the King really thinks too far. Obviously is the very normal words, a Ning how to hear the meaning to point to. Under his wandering eyes, her face was red, and she was about to stand up when he had looked away, and her voice was as light and handsome as ever. So, it’s better to have two people. I, Zhao Yan, will never have a side concubine. A Ning was still young at the moment, and she did not know and could not understand the yearning of most men in the world for the happiness of Qi people, so she did not know what he said. What she was thinking now was that if Zhao Yan resisted the decree, wouldn’t it be even more disliked by Emperor Jingyuan? She thinks, say again: “You still do not think so!”! You have to be beheaded to resist the decree. Now they are all locked up in the Qingyu Palace, so don’t make the emperor angry any more. You see, King Zheng can marry three at once, and so can you. Zhao Yan: “..” The man looked at her eyes, pure white and quiet, without a trace of concealment, which was written,stesweet stevia, is indeed worried about his safety. At this moment, he really did not know whether to cry or laugh. Still don’t understand. Do not understand his heart, do not understand the world. He looked at her with helplessness, love, tenderness, and. Too many emotions. Perhaps because of the imminent departure, he could not control his eyes. A Ning is a timid mouse, she sees him like this, only think of the body to run away. As soon as she stood up,fenugreek saponins, Zhao Yan grabbed her hand, “Don’t go!” The strength of the hand is strange and stubborn, a Ning struggled hard, not only did not break away from his hand, but was taken by his hand strength, the foot slipped, a head fell on the carpet. Zhao Yan was not prepared, originally sitting, but also pulled down together by her. The man’s tall figure pressed on her, and the heavy force made her hurt a little. Ah The little girl called softly, and when she turned to look, her lips suddenly became hot. Zhao Yan felt that God was always playing a joke on him. He had decided to wait until he came back to show his heart to her, but let such an accident happen. At the moment, she was lying on her back on the carpet, and he was all over her, pressing her tightly and tightly under her body. Her lips just grazed his, so delicate and soft. The sweet smell of her body made him intoxicated, saw palmetto extract ,ghana seed extract, and her frightened eyes at the moment would only trigger the wild desire hidden in his heart. Sometimes a person’s behavior is completely subconscious, and without waiting for her to react, he hugs her and kisses her deeply. At this moment, the rays of the sun have already dissipated, and the crescent moon is hanging on the branches. It was quiet all around, and occasionally there was the sound of flowers rustling and swinging. When a Ning reacted to what had happened, he was already involved in a fiery and intense entanglement. His kiss was too deep, too intense, too selfless, totally giving and releasing, so that she completely lost the ability to think. The whole world was full of his warm and infatuated breath, and the cold plum fragrance, which was usually tranquil and elegant, became the intoxicating fragrance of bewitching people. She was trembling all over, struggling to move under him, but he pressed her so tightly that he held the back of her head with one hand and held her firmly in his arms. He forced his breath into her little mouth, and her tongue was the sweetest temptation in the world, so that he could not stop and forget everything around him. When he felt her tears, he calmed his breath and kissed her eyes trembling, “Ah Ning..” Don’t cry.. You.. You let go. She struggled to push him away. Zhao Yan knew he had scared her. Logically speaking, he should let her go at the first time, and then sincerely apologize, saying that he was wrong, should not be frivolous with her, and then accept her very likely slap. But who is Zhao Yan? He is treacherous, cunning and calculating. She has always been concerned about her feelings, so she never dares to go beyond the limits. But it was God who let him kiss her today, and since he had already borne the charge of frivolity, he no longer cared more about frivolity. Besides, he knew that she liked him. She knew from her willingness to come to Fanxiangwu to see him today.
Thinking of this, he sucked up her tears and whispered, “Baby, be a good boy …” He took her red and swollen lips again and kissed her until he didn’t know what night it was. In fact, a Ning is really not too exclusive of his kiss. When she realized this, even she was shocked. The strong sense of shame and etiquette morality made her refuse more and more, and tears flowed down. But she did not expect that the man who had always been gentle to her to the extreme, who had always been the most obedient to her mind, now followed her like a demon, not only did not let go, but hugged her more and more tightly, with such strength that he almost wanted to embed her in her bones and blood. People tend to seek the best way out for themselves. When his movements told her that he would never let her go, the strength of her struggle gradually diminished. More or less, because she liked his breath. Ever since she woke up from that detoxification, she loved it. Including like to use the same incense as him, like to stay around him, feel his aura. What I didn’t want to admit and didn’t dare to admit gradually came to the surface. Hidden in the flower forest, Jin Qing and Lu Qingshan both looked at each other. People who practice martial arts can hear every little sound, and. The sound is already very clear. Lu Qingshan: Your Highness, you are too fierce … Now you are guilty, and you are still so “interested”. Jin Qing: It’s over. Girl, will you drive me out of Rong Mansion tomorrow? The moonlight is gentle, overlooking the earth. When Zhao Yan let go of Ah Ning, a little girl had fainted smoothly. Yes, the goal has been achieved,turmeric extract powder, and he doesn’t have to take a slap. Zhao Yan gently brushed her watery red lips with satisfaction, and the smile on her lips could not stop. The heat of the body is pressed down by internal force. It’s not the right time after all. It’s too much for him to bully her like this. How dare he do anything else? He reached out and hugged her tighter. The little girl’s soft body fell on his chest, like a kitten. Two people embrace each other and sleep.

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