He opened his eyes and saw the girl in white staring at her affectionately. His heart moved so much that he really wanted to hold her in his arms and hurt her carefully. But Dou Ran Rin, Fu said, “She has a magnificent appearance. She smiles and smiles. Although she has no intention, she seems to have feelings. I can’t be reckless.” Since the ruthless childe Zhang Xian for her loss of true yuan, to help her recover power, and meticulously to the beautiful bosom, they began to establish friendship between them. At this time, because Zhang Xian did not recover, he had to rest here for a few more days. The girl in white already trusted Zhang Xian, Jiang and Lu very much. The one-armed wild jackal had a ferocious nature and a ferocious appearance, but in front of the girl in white, he turned into a sheep and was very docile. Jiang Qingshan, the mute star, is born with a disability, so he has a stronger sense of her beautiful flute sound. In his heart, he had worshipped and respected the girl in white as a fairy. The most worrying thing for Zhang Xian was that he was afraid that the beautiful girl in white would suddenly leave without saying goodbye one day. Think deeply, even if she leaves tomorrow, he has no excuse to keep her. He was extremely agitated by this trouble, but he dared not show it in front of her. He had to pretend that he had lost too much energy and could not recover for a while. That morning, the girl in white played the flute for a while and suddenly asked, “Do you have any silver on you?” “Yes, yes,” said Ruthless Childe Zhang Xianlian. “Jiang Qingshan,fake ficus tree, fetch the box quickly.” She smiled and said, “You can’t use as much as a box.” Jiang Qingshan, the mute star, had taken a long small box and opened the lid of the box, which was bejeweled and dazzling. The girl in white wrinkled her eyes. “Where did you get these jewels?” She asked. Ruthless Childe Zhang Xian hurriedly said, “This is not something we stole. It’s all handed down from our ancestors.” She smiled and said, “That’s all right. Your family must be a distinguished family. Have your ancestors ever been officials?” Ruthless Prince Zhang Xian stammered and said resolutely, “To tell you the truth, my ancestors have never been officials,large palm trees for sale, and they are also Jianghu people.”. He is known as Saisuqin Zhangsi because of his talent on the tongue. But these treasures were not brought back by himself, but presented by many senior masters in the martial arts world at that time. Even my martial arts, as well as the martial arts of Jiang and Lu, are the unique skills of all the masters of the underworld. All this was because they were very close to their ancestors, so they gave them everything they had. The girl in white knew that he had a strange family background. Although he was gentle and handsome in appearance, he was not the son of an aristocratic family. What I said just now is just a deliberate attempt. Now that he has confessed that he was in Jianghu, he feels that he is honest with himself. When I heard him mention that his martial arts were taught by the masters of the underworld in the martial arts world, I couldn’t help believing that his grandfather had extraordinary words on his tongue. To put it bluntly, he is a great swindler in an excellent trade. But he was able to pass on the secret skills that were not passed on to outsiders in Wulin, and he was also able to deceive them with words. He chuckled and said, “I want to take some silver and go to Wuchang Mansion to find someone.” “Who is the girl looking for?”? Oh, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked you that, but are you coming back? She smiled, showing her white and neat teeth, and shook her head gently. Ruthless Prince Zhang Xian was shocked. He sighed dejectedly and muttered to himself, artificial banyan trees ,fake blossom tree, “I know there will be such a day when all good things must come to an end, but I hate this truth.” With a strange look in her beautiful eyes, she said slowly, “All good things must come to an end, but life is very short.”. It is not impossible to ask for such a short time as life without an end to the feast. “Do you think there can be such a wonderful thing in the world?” He exulted. She nodded and said, “Of course, but it’s a pity that only other people are lucky, but not me.” Ruthless childe Zhang Xiandeng and dejected when a breath of atmosphere, silent. She stretched out her jade hand into the box, took out a necklace inlaid with good Jasper, and clasped it around her neck. Her clothes are white, and her people are whiter. Wear a few green, beautiful beyond words. Zhang Xian, the ruthless son of Rao, was very disappointed and frustrated. At this time, he could not help gazing at him, as if he were intoxicated. Dumb star gentleman Jiang Qingshan takes paper to take a pen, wield a brush quickly, moment time, already drew a picture on drawing paper. The location of the painting is in a boudoir, which is elegantly and warmly decorated.
In front of the stage was a beautiful woman, sitting affectionately, with a string of Jasper necklaces hanging from her pink neck. Behind her stood a young man, gazing at her with his hands on his back. The people in the painting are the girl in white and the ruthless childe Zhang Xian. The faces of both men were so vividly painted that they were ready to come out. The girl in white took a look, first very happy, then a wisp of sadness on the jade face, a silent sigh. Suddenly he looked up at Jiang Qingshan, the mute star, and said, “You draw so well. Can you draw a single one for me?” The dumb star gentleman falls the green hill like to serve the imperial edict, immediately takes the paper to draw separately. The girl in white sat still and cast her eyes on the fields outside the window, with a faint sadness on her face, which had a unique melancholy beauty. In less than a moment, Jiang Qingshan had finished painting and suddenly threw away his brush. The paintbrush happened to be upside down, the tube touched the ground first, snapped slightly, and half of it was deep in the ground. The girl in white looked at the brush with a slight surprise, just because of such a technique of throwing the brush, it serves to show that the internal force is very deep. What is especially rare is that he throws it casually and then does so. She bent over and stretched out two fingers, grasped the penholder, picked it up effortlessly, and returned it to Jiang Qingshan: “How can you paint without this pen?” Ruthless childe Zhang Xian exclaimed, “Ah, the girl has a unique skill, and now she knows how brilliant she is.” She smiled lightly and took the painting, only to see a bust on the painting, her outline is clear, her face is shining, very lifelike. Jiang Qingshan, the mute star, turned round and round, looking very anxious. After turning around for a while,silk ficus tree, he babbled and gestured. Ruthless Childe Zhang Xian has been with him since he was a child. Naturally, he knew his sign language. “He said to tear up this painting!” He exclaimed. “Why?” The girl in white said in astonishment, “Isn’t it very well painted?”? Qiu Shizhou is just like that. 。

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