But about Qin Yi, I. I got into Mo’s car, facing two people with the same expressionless and cold face, I felt that even breathing was wrong, what else could I say? I confessed to Qin Yi silently in my heart. It’s not that I don’t help you clarify, but I’m really afraid! On the way, Mo always wanted to take us back directly. After all, that wave of people, no one knows what they have, although he has put pressure on, but the gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall, in case some of those people still make a fool of themselves, the loss outweighs the gain. But Zhao is always a work-oriented person, “You can take Yi Xia back, I want to stay here to continue to discuss the project, rest assured, I will find someone to protect me, nothing will happen.” Her tone was so solemn that there was no room for negotiation. But how can I go alone with General Manager Mo! Although I will never have anything with General Manager Mo, although General Manager Zhao looks like he trusts me very much. But I still don’t think it’s good. Avoiding suspicion must be done all the time. Besides, General Manager Mo will not trust General Manager Zhao to stay here! But as soon as I looked at General Manager Mo, I knew that he would not say anything about caring people. So,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, as a subordinate, at this time it is necessary to show intimate attributes ah! So I immediately opened my mouth, “This project was originally my responsibility, so I will stay, General Manager Zhao and General Manager Mo will go back.” Although I don’t know how to find a special person, I will live in seclusion, and I will not go anywhere except for meetings and negotiations,stainless steel welded pipe, so there should be no problem. But General Manager Zhao immediately looked at me and retorted, “I am the general manager, and I am the right one to stay.” General Manager Mo suddenly turned around and looked at me with General Manager Zhao. I Whoo! I’m scared. Then I heard Mo always speak, “say, I am the master of Jiarui, I stay, you go back.” General Manager Zhao immediately retorted, “This kind of small project can work for General Manager Mo, and you don’t know the details, so it’s better for me to stay.” Ah, looking at the way they think about each other, I can’t help thinking that this is really a fairy love. I just thought that two people like this would not be able to communicate with each other. It’s my fault. As long as we really love each other and care about each other, it is good even if we don’t talk. I was too young and shallow. When I was moved by their love, they suddenly looked at each other, then staggered their eyes, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, and then the car was silent, even the driver uncle breathed lightly. But I’m really anxious. I felt like a giant light bulb between two people. But I dare not go back by myself. After all, the leaders are left in a dangerous place. If you want to avoid a subordinate, will you mix it up in the future? But it occurred to me. My God. It was I who involved General Manager Zhao today! When General Manager Mo reacts, he is very likely to fire me! Let me explain this thing first. So I had to bite the bullet and say, “General Manager Mo, what happened today.” The strange atmosphere in the car was finally broken by me. But it seems even weirder. Because General Manager Mo and General Manager Zhao once again focused on me. They were all waiting for me to speak, but I was already stuttering, “I..” I, I.. I don’t mean it The pressure is too much. I can’t say anything else except this sentence. But my two leaders.. Although they seem heartless and ruthless on the surface, in fact, they are really good people. Because they comforted me together: “It’s not your fault.” It’s really a tacit understanding. They are so good that they must not trust me to stay here. Then I can’t be the little man who runs away from the battle, can I? So I mustered up my courage and said, “Otherwise, the takeout will stay.” General Manager Zhao:.. General Manager Mo:.. “We, I mean we, are not takeout, really not takeout!” Whoo, my face! Then I saw my two immortal leaders with immortal love, and they both took out their mobile phones. General Manager Mo said, “The food in Mingxinlou is good. I’ll ask someone to send me a table.” General Manager Zhao said, “There is a good seafood restaurant. I’ll ask someone to send some.” I I’m really hungry. I swear, I will repay these two leaders. Went back to the hotel in no time.
Because it was the peak season, there was only one regular room and one presidential suite with a price that made me feel very painful. But Mo always swiped the card without hesitation. The driver went to the regular room and said he had eaten before he came and refused the invitation to eat with us. As for the presidential suite, General Manager Mo directly handed the room card to General Manager Zhao, “You and Yi Xia live in this room.” How can this be! Although I’m curious about what the presidential suite looks like, I don’t have such a big face. General Manager Zhao also refused, “No.” But she turned her head and said, “I’m fine, but Isha may be frightened, so let her live with you.” I No, I’m not afraid. Besides, am I not in the same room with you? Even if you are afraid, it is good to have someone to accompany you. Besides, aren’t you so generous, General Manager Zhao? Although I said I would learn from you, I can never learn from you in this respect. I absolutely, absolutely, will not let Qin Yi live with any female subordinates. Not even two rooms in a suite. Not even the little sister with a ball head. Besides, I have a boyfriend, too! Even if I don’t tell Qin Yi, even if Qin Yi doesn’t know, it’s not possible to do so. I immediately refused, but General Manager Zhao looked at me covetously. This moment, I realized! So I opened my mouth, “In that case,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, it is OK for General Manager Zhao to live with me in the outer room.” General Manager Zhao hesitated for a moment and nodded. General Manager Mo hesitated and nodded. So the three of us went into the presidential suite together. I am really a bumpkin, looking at the room full of noble rather than cool decoration, I simply do not know where to put my feet. Because there is a long carpet in this room. Or a snow-white plush carpet.

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