Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath, deliberately lowered his voice and said, “Hello, Captain. I am a starfighter pilot. I happened to be on the spaceship this time. I heard from the flight attendants that no one on the spaceship can fly a starfighter now.”. In the face of a formidable enemy, I don’t want to plead with you. Now please open the bottom cabin and let me take part in the battle. Are you a fighter pilot? What’s your number? Which unit is it? The captain asked eagerly in amazement. There’s no point in asking so many questions now. Captain, open the lower cabin quickly. Otherwise, once the shield is broken, everyone will be finished. You must choose to believe me. Lan Xuanyu is not very old, but his mind is quite mature. Of course, he knows that at this moment he can never show that he is only a 12-year-old child. All right, that’s up to you. With the ship being bombarded by pirate warships again and again, the shield has been crumbling, the captain gritted his teeth, and finally chose to believe, in fact, he did not have a choice. The bottom cabin slowly opened, revealing the lower belly of the spacecraft. Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath, pressed the button, and the rear helmet slowly enveloped him, connecting with his head. His mental strength is instantly released in the traction, so that his mental thinking is integrated with the aircraft. The basis of modern starfighter piloting is the coordination of mental power and operation, which can most effectively control the starfighter to make various combat postures. It was impossible to say that he was not nervous. After all, it was his first time to fly a starfighter! There’s no pain reduction system,10g Ozone Generator, and it’s not a fighter explosion, and it’s just the end of the simulator training. Once destroyed, it is death. But there is tension, but there is more excitement. Finally can fly the starfighter, and the first time to fly, unexpectedly is the real sense of actual combat. How can Lan Xuanyu, who has been practicing hard for three years, not be excited? Even Yin Tianfan, who was extremely demanding on him in terms of driving,Ceramic Band Heater, thought that he could already drive a real fighter plane, and that he could do it, yes, he could do it himself. Both hands raised at the same time, there is no need to use the eyes to see, the various systems of combat skills have been opened by him, both hands rhythm, the left hand is still rapidly pressing a button, the right hand is a stable and incomparable propeller, the only power jet behind the starfighter slowly spewing out orange flame, pushing the starfighter down. Seeing that he was about to get out of the bottom cabin, Lan Xuanyu suddenly turned on the propeller to the maximum extent, and suddenly, the starfighter shook fiercely, like a missile rushing into the vast space in an instant. Tang Le stood quietly in front of the porthole of the luxury first-class cabin, and the huge porthole allowed him to see everything outside. At this time, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic igniter electrodes, with the attack of twelve mecha, it really attracted the attention of five pirate warships, and the attack on the ship was less. But the warship’s intensive artillery fire suppressed the mecha from approaching at all, and not only that, the dark yellow mecha also flew out of the pirate warship. There are as many as twenty. Mechs are more versatile than starfighters, not only fighting in space, but also on the ground. It’s just that the speed and instant explosive power are not as good as the starfighter, but the starfighter can’t fight on the ground. Therefore, for the sake of cost performance, pirates are rarely equipped with fighters, almost all of them are mecha. Mechs are also more popular than Starfighter pilots. After all, mecha can be carried around, and I’ve never heard of anyone carrying a larger starfighter. Therefore, fighter pilots are generally equipped by the Federation fleet. Twenty against twelve, plus five battleships, you can imagine the result. It seems that it is only a matter of time before this spaceship is destroyed. At that moment, Tang Le suddenly frowned and his long blue hair fluttered. Beside him, Le Childe, who was also looking at the shivering situation outside, was suddenly surprised to find that Tang Le’s long hair was completely fluttering backward like a cloak. And his right hand was pressed on the porthole in front of him, and a touch of gold flashed away. At this time, the captain of the spaceship, through the monitoring screen to see the starfighter flying away, can not help but shake his fist excitedly, from the action of the fighter flying out of the bottom cabin, this is definitely a very skilled fighter pilot.
Chapter one hundred and thirty space first battle The starfighter dived into space, and Lan Xuanyu himself had a feeling that the pores of his whole body seemed to be open. Mental power is integrated with the fighter’s control system, and in his perception, the control system is like an amplifier of his mind, allowing him to feel the situation in space around him. The first requirement of a starfighter pilot is not soul strength, or even physical strength, but mental strength. With the progress of soul guide technology, ordinary people can also become mecha masters, and even through training, they can also fly star fighters. However, because of the progress of science and technology, the role of mental power is becoming more and more obvious. Powerful mental power is amplified by special instruments. Whether it plays a role in controlling any product of soul guide technology, it can also be multiplied. Like Starfighter, the basic pilot’s mental strength requirement is 50 points, that is to say, at least to reach the spiritual strength of Lingtong before he is qualified to fly a real fighter. Why did Yin Tianfan dare to let Lan Xuanyu try to drive the Starfighter simulation cabin at a young age? It is because his mental strength is strong enough to accept it. More than 200 points of mental strength, has already exceeded the driving requirements of the basic starfighter, more than three years of continuous learning, so that Lan Xuanyu has been familiar with the starfighter as his own body. But when he flew a real fighter into space for the first time, he felt different. There is still a big gap between the cold touch of buttons and control levers, the more real feeling of mental strength, and the more sensitive feedback from the fighter plane. In this real fighter, there is no pain reduction system, everything is real, Lan Xuanyu will feel that his adaptation and feeling of everything has become more sensitive, the fighter seems to have become more flexible. So,ceramic bobbin heater core, when his thoughts extended and he felt the distant battlefield, because of distraction, the pilot of the fighter plane suddenly became a little unstable and shook slightly.

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