“When I came home from work the day before yesterday, I met your father who had just finished playing cards with someone. He said you were going to work in J City.” “Yes, I’m leaving tomorrow.” There was a moment of silence. “Lulu, take care.” “So are you, Nie Qian.” She said softly. The phone was silent, and after a while, there was the sound of turning the key to start the ignition. Goodbye Not far ahead, a black Audi started, and soon the taillights disappeared into the night. This is the road they have traveled countless times when they were studying. Although it has been demolished and rebuilt, it has changed beyond recognition. However, the branches of the French plane tree are flourishing and stretching, and the leaves are still hidden. Those vertical and horizontal alleys have long been engraved in their memories. In the dark night, Gan Lu seemed to see the tall boy walking in front of her with his schoolbag on his back. His back was once a bright color of her dark adolescence, carrying her green love. “Goodbye,” she whispered into her phone, which had hung up. Then he fastened his seat belt, started the car and drove home on the main road. Tomorrow she will leave the place where she grew up and live in another city more than 200 kilometers away. Walking through the familiar city at night, she has no sorrow of parting. It was the perfect farewell to her life. J City, located in a mountainous area,Pallet rack beams, cools down in the evening, the sun does not set, the sky is half bright and half dark, soft light and shadow, with a cool wind, and the hot big city forms a sharp contrast. Gan Luli called his father in front of the window, “Dad, is the weather very hot?” “It’s close to forty degrees,long span shelving, and the weather forecast says the hot weather will continue for some time.” My God, it’s killing me. Why don’t you and Aunt Wang come to me for the summer? It’s a little hot in the daytime and afternoon at most. It’s only 23 degrees now. “I don’t care, but you know, your aunt Wang has to take care of her grandson during the summer vacation, where can she go?”. The little guy is naughty, but it’s also very interesting. I’m helping him with his homework now. Turn on the air conditioner and don’t worry about the electricity bill. You and Aunt Wang must not go out in the afternoon to avoid heatstroke. Gan Lu had to tell him. 391 After putting down the phone, Gan Lu began to cut the fruit, put it into a tray and carried it out. Shang Xiuwen is chatting with Lu Fei, general manager of yuanwang Investment Company, who is visiting. Both of them wore white shirts, unbuttoned collars, rolled up sleeves, and sat in a somewhat lazy manner, heavy duty racking system ,Warehouse storage racks, but they talked about serious business. Yixin’s negotiations with us went well and reached a preliminary intention. The two companies formed a strategic partnership and signed a long-term iron ore supply contract. “But in two months, the smelter’s production line transformation has come up with a feasible operation plan, and the efficiency is really considerable.” “The government is also putting a lot of pressure on us.”. The merger of the smelter almost caused a mass incident, and all departments had a lingering fear and sent out signals from time to time, hoping that we would quickly restore production order and intentionally approve a private enterprise technological transformation fund for production line transformation to show encouragement, but the funding gap is still very large. Lu Fei hesitated, “The board of directors has read the report you handed in. This time I will come to inspect, and I will summarize the situation here and report it truthfully.”. I personally believe that Xusheng’s data in this quarter are convincing, and the possibility of further capital investment is still very high. “I hope so.” Gan Lu put the fruit bowl on the tea table in the middle of them. “Please, take a break.”. Lu Zong has come a long way, and you have been staying at the blast furnace of the smelter all afternoon, and you are very tired. Shang Xiuwen laughed, hugged Gan Lu and asked her to sit beside him. “My wife has always been very critical of my overtime work. She has threatened not to come back late or take work home, otherwise she will not care about my meals.” Lu Fei smiled. “No wonder Xiuwen insisted that I come and talk.”. It’s my fault. I changed my schedule temporarily. I have to go to Austria tomorrow. Otherwise, I can talk with Xiuwen more calmly. How are you recovering? Is there any problem with the long flight? Shang Xiuwen asked with concern.
Lu Fei had a car accident before the Spring Festival. His left leg was severely fractured. He had an operation to implant a steel nail to fix it. However, he even started working again when he was in a wheelchair. After slowly losing his crutches, he continued to travel around. His hard work made all his colleagues admire him. He smiled. “It doesn’t matter.”. I’m going to Austria this time for personal affairs, so I have to finish my work today. I’m sorry, Mrs. Shang, but I have to take up a little more of Xiuwen’s time. “Don’t listen to Xiuwen,” said Gan Lu with a smile. “I’m not that fierce. You have some fruit and then just keep talking. Three people ate fruit, Gan Lu put the fruit plate into the kitchen, took the laptop to the glass greenhouse, only to hear Shang Xiuwen behind him, “add a coat, the wind is a little cool today.” “Yes, I put a dress over there.” After coming to the local area, Shang Xiuwen’s work is still very busy. She was used to staying in the glass greenhouse when he came back late, waiting for him while dealing with her own affairs. The fragrance of flowers here is faint, the windows around are open, and the breeze is gentle, which is the most relaxing place for her in the whole villa. She has reported to her new work unit, J City No.1 Middle School, and initially decided to teach the history of the second year of junior high school in the new semester. The textbooks of the two places are not the same. She just used the summer vacation to prepare lessons systematically, and planned to make multimedia courseware. She tried to use it first when teaching here to enhance students’interest. When it was dark, Shang Xiuwen came in with Lu Fei. “Lulu, we’ve finished talking. I’ll send Lu Fei back to the hotel.” Gan Lu got up, “OK, drive carefully.” Lu Fei looked at the greenhouse. “Mrs. Shang, the garden here is very beautiful. These orchid varieties in the greenhouse are really rare and precious.” “In fact, it’s all Uncle Xiuwen’s taste. The gardener comes to take care of it every day, and I have nothing to contribute.”. Does General Manager Lu also like gardening? My girlfriend likes to grow flowers and she has always wanted to have a garden. Influenced by her, I also read a lot of books on gardening. Speaking of his girlfriend, Lu Fei,heavy duty warehouse rack, who had always been unsmiling and looked rather reserved and serious, suddenly took on a little tenderness. If she sees this, she’ll like it. 。

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