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Zeng Promised Martyrdom

Yun Sang blushed bowed his head and stood in the corner of the door saying nothing Heng laughed with joy glanced through the unclosed door and saw the weeping girl standing in the shadow outside the door staring straight at Yunsang her eyes were jealous and sad very complicated Noticing that Ah Heng had seen her she hurriedly smiled and saluted pulling the door tight As Nonai said Ah Heng was proficient in poetry songs flowers and grass He shared the same interests with Emperor Jun and deliberately kept the intention of pleasing him Commodity Chemicals In less than a month Emperor Jun took better care of Ah Heng than his daughter One day by appreciating a picture of a Mandarin duck and a butterfly Ah Heng tactfully expressed the affection of Nuonai and Yunsang to Emperor Jun telling them about their bitter love because of their different identities and asking Emperor Jun to help them When Emperor Jun heard that the man was in love and the woman was interested he not only disagreed but laughed and allowed them to get married Heng thanked Emperor Jun who said with a smile “The Lord of Heaven likes to pair up Mandarin ducks and butterflies I don’t dare to compare myself to the Lord of Heaven but I’d like to see all the lovers in the world get married” If everyone is happy and happy there will not be so many disputes in the world Heng suddenly had uneasiness in her heart she helped to find such a gentle and affectionate emperor really right But if you don’t help Shaohao who is now forced to the edge of the cliff will mutiny I’m afraid there will be rivers of blood and corpses everywhere Ah I could only tell myself that Shaohao didn’t want to hurt Emperor Jun and I suppressed the uneasiness in my heart When Ah Heng returned home he immediately wrote to tell Nonai and Yunsang the good news According to Shaohao’s “top secret plan” Nuonai was sent to the frontier to guard the Xihe tribe to contain the White Tiger tribe and to prevent the invasion of other countries during the great changes in the country so Nuonai and Yunsang were not in the capital At the end of the letter Ah Heng thought for a moment and added a short paragraph Weeping girl and Nonai have been together for two hundred years but she is afraid that she has been in love with Nonai for a long time She is not worried that she will be bad for Yunsang but under such circumstances it is not good for both women I hope Nonai will pay attention to this matter and handle it properly Nonai’s reply made Ah Heng very relieved not only for the sake of Yunsang but also to repay the loyalty of the weeping girl for two hundred years He would arrange the place for the weeping girl before the big wedding He plans to recognize her as his sister and choose an excellent husband for her If she doesn’t want to get married for the time being he will send her to accompany her mother until she finds the right man The marriage of Nuonai and Yunsang was officially announced Although Yunsang’s marriage to Nuonai was unexpected everything became justified with the consent of the two emperors Emperor Jun and Emperor Yan Nuonai went to Shennong Mountain and set a wedding date with Emperor Yan He planned to marry Yunsang next spring when the flowers were in full bloom At the end of the year Emperor Jun fell ill and no matter how difficult it was to deal with the affairs of the court he had to entrust the government affairs to the Banquet Dragon The courtiers all thought that they had found the backbone But at the court banquet to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new year Emperor Jun said that he was eager to think of his son and recalled Shaohao who had been relegated to the end of the sea to guard Tanggu On the day when Shaohao returned to Wushen Mountain Emperor Jun summoned him and told him earnestly The father and son talked all afternoon The courtiers looked very confused and did not know what Emperor Jun was thinking In fact all this is just out of the suspicion of an emperor Emperor Jun liked Banquet Dragon very much and wanted to pass it on to Banquet Dragon after his death China Chemicals Suppliers But now he was just sick not dying When he had to give everything to Banquet Dragon to deal with he began to worry about whether Banquet Dragon would take the opportunity to put him overhead so he recalled Shaohao who was incompatible with Banquet dragon and let Shaohao contain Banquet dragon However his two sons were no longer babbling children and they refused to be chess pieces and were at his mercy With the support of Junhou Yanlong seizes this opportunity to develop his power and try his best to replace the officials in the court Shaohao seems to have left Wushen Mountain for too long and has been unfamiliar with the officials in the court do not know what to do there is no movement More than three months later the spring breeze blew all over the south of the Yangtze River It was the most beautiful season in Gaoxin It was misty and rainy everywhere Flowers were fragrant and beautiful When Emperor Jun received a beautiful peach he was so happy that he could not help showing off with his little friends just like a child who got his favorite thing He immediately sent the waiter to call Ah Heng into the palace and pointed to the peach blossoms in the courtyard for Ah Heng to see
Heng said uncertainly “This is a peach blossom with double petals and the color is pink but is it a peach” The handsome emperor laughed leaning on the soft pillow with sapphire blue stripes on a white background and said “You only see that it is a rare double petal and it happens to be pink so you judge that it is a flat peach It’s a big mistake” Although double-petal peach blossoms are Catalysts and Additives rare they are also divided into more than ten kinds including white red red and white white with red dots and pink and the size of the flowers is also different According to the different colors and flower types there are Mandarin duck peach longevity peach sun and moon peach auspicious peach and beauty peach Jun Di was talking happily when Shao Hao walked slowly Jun Di smiled unexpectedly “Why didn’t you come in without communication” Now that we’re here let’s take a look at this rare peach tree Shaohao knelt down and kowtowed and presented a memorial to Emperor Jun which listed what the banquet dragon had done during this period of time The most serious thing was that he had replaced the bodyguard guarding the palace which had always been the emperor Wang Daji Emperor Jun’s face became more and more ugly He shouted angrily and wanted to order his attendants to summon the banquet dragon immediately but after a long time none of the attendants came in Emperor Jun noticed the troops and stared at Shaohao angrily “Where are the bodyguards” What do you want to do “I have followed my father’s orders” said Shaohao “and I have drawn up a decree on his behalf Banquet Dragon colluded with Junhou with bad intentions There are 110 pieces of evidence of guilt The evidence is irrefutable Father has decided to confine Banquet Dragon and abolish Junhou Emperor Jun’s face was pale and his eyes were like blades “My decision” “Yes Father’s decision!” Shaohao answered calmly with firm eyes and the sharp edge of the blade in Jundi’s eyes was broken in front of Shaohao’s towering mountains Emperor Jun shouted unwillingly but no matter how loud his voice was none of the guards came in Emperor Jun understood that Shaohao had taken control of the whole palace He stared at Shaohao who looked at him in silence The room was silent so quiet that it seemed that everyone could hear the gasp of inner struggle After a long time Jun Di’s eyes slowly moved from Shao Hao to Ah Heng Ah Heng dared not look at him and lowered his head Jun Di asked softly “Do you know” 。 globalchemmall.com

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