14 Apr 2021

Advisorist: Marketing and Admin Assistant


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Job Description

Headquarters: Denver, CO

URL: https://advisorist.com/

Are You An Experienced #2 With Strong #1 Potential?
Then this opportunity is exactly what you’ve been looking for…
But first a little bit about us.
Who are we?
My name is Jeremiah, founder of Advisorist. We help the financial services industry to grow and scale with world class e-learning. 
My team and I developed these methods while scaling 11 other businesses between to 7 to 11 figures in revenue. 
But we won’t stop here. Our goal is to help every advisor thrive with the latest techniques and tactics to help them grow. 
That’s why we need your help scaling Advisorist to the #1 training company in the world for insurance and financial services. 
But what’s in it for you? Why would you want to join us?
5 Reasons To Join Advisorist As A Marketing and Executive Administrator
1. Scale A Business with Modern Marketing
What separates good companies from great is their ability to market and innovate. This is true for giants like Tesla, and small companies like Advisorist.
You could call us the ‘Masterclass’ of the financial space – except we have no debt, are entirely self funded and have been profitable since day 1. We deliver world class, ‘get-results’ now training free of fluff or generalities that helps advisors succeed. Period.
We are grateful that our short time has already netted us hundreds of reviews, testimonials and videos from clients that love us and actually volunteer to become our brand ambassadors. 
This is primarily because we use modern marketing methods and innovation to help our clients use what’s working now. By doing this we have disrupted a $3 Trillion market and got the attention of advisors and large institutions.
We have the makings of something great. It will be your job to help connect some of our internal tech pieces and assist me as CEO with administrative tasks so we can bring our message to millions more. 
If you love marketing, you’ll get a front row seat to the best campaigns running digitally from true masters of their craft. Heck, people pay us up to $20,000 a month to learn what we do, you’ll be getting that education as part of your daily life.
2. Collaborate With Experienced Empire Builders
Many entrepreneurs are not prepared mentally or practically for the success they experience. They often stumble into more responsibility than they are equipped to handle, and often get emotional in the process. 
While that’s normal, it is still hard for the employees they hire. Rushed decisions, shifting priorities and lack of experience are just difficult to deal with. Worse when the founders are emotionally driven and don’t make thought out decisions.
I know this because that used to be me! 
The good news is that this is all behind us (by years). Our CRO has built and sold 9 companies, and I’ve been part of an Inc 500 start-up and part of the executive teams for startups that sold for 10 figures. 
We don’t mean to brag (not our style), but we want top talent and we know top talent likes to be in a place where there’s growth and opportunity to be a part of something bigger. 🚀
For you it means that you’ll get to collaborate with experienced people who know what is needed for your and your company’s success.
Whether you join Recruiter Mill or not, that might be the biggest factor for how far you will go in your next role.
3. Call the Shots (Eventually)
Although the operations are now handled by a few other team members, we’re more than happy to give away any and all responsibility for it.
If there is someone who can do the job as good or better than us, why wouldn’t we let them?
We are terrible at Micromanaging! Ideally we’d be thrilled to find someone that thinks outside the box and can bring their own processes and systems to make everything run smoothly.
Whether we get to that stage over time or not, your responsibilities will keep growing as you prove yourself. That also means more freedom in how you do and plan your work.
4. Be A Part Of An Amazing Virtual Team
We’ve been virtual since day 1, so we know it’s important to only hire the most talented and reliable people, regardless of their time zone. 
Having a great team means people are attracted to work with you, and it creates this great virtual synergy.
And while working with smart, gifted people is a team that everyone wants to join, it’s great if it comes with additional benefits like 
An A Player culture where everyone is playing a bigger game
  • Flexibility to hours and how work gets done
  • No ‘meetings for meetings’ – just optimized connections when needed
  • Pay that’s competitive
  • Fun virtual events and town halls
But we’re only as strong as our last great hire, so if this sounds like you, let’s keep building this together!
5. Upgrade Your Skills Stack in Overdrive in a Lucrative Niche
We love the insurance and financial space, the industry we serve. 
First of all, it’s an industry that’s proven to attract the smartest people, and with its aging population, your skills will always be in demand as the need for younger talent grows daily.
Second, fintech and especially digital marketing within that space is the HOTTEST place to be working in right now, and likely will be as millennials get older and need to connect with advisors to help them manage their money and inherited fortunes.
For you, having the skills and experience in this niche will make you extremely desirable. This industry has a shortage of people like you. 
Joining Advisorist now will likely put your career on a 3X fast track more than any other opportunity you’re checking out right now. 
What Will You Do at Advisorist?
Here’s where we’ll start:
  • Client communications
  • Running business reports
  • Supporting the sales team
  • Managing team calendars
  • Replying on behalf of CEO’s emails
  • running our lead generation process for the sales team
  • some admin tasks
  • Bookkeeping basics
  • Marketing campaign analytics reporting/analysis
  • Helping run virtual meetings/webinars
  • Loading our LMS with training videos we create
Your Compensation
We’re willing to offer up to $20 to $45 an hour for the right person – take as much time off as you need as long as we know about it ahead of time. 
If you prove yourself over time, we have no issues with raising your salary to match your contribution to the business.
What I Expect From You
  • You have experience and a track record of success in a similar role.
  • You can pick up new skills quickly.
  • You are tech-savvy enough.
  • You pay close attention to details and are organized, reliable, and communicative.
  • You are a bright, hardworking, and resourceful individual.
It Would Be Great If…
  • you have experience with digital marketing
  • you have experience with administrative assistance in a virtual office
  • you have experience with copywriting
  • you have some familiarity in the insurance or financial services niche
We are mainly based in the eastern time zone of the US (New York Time). We’d like you to be available with a 2-3 hr max overlap

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/advisorist-marketing-and-admin-assistant



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