3 Jan 2022

Full-Time Churn Buster: Product Engineer – Full-stack with Ruby on Rails


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Job Description

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

URL: https://churnbuster.io

The problem we solve
Every subscription business on the planet shares a common problem: each month, up to 10% of customer payments are declined. 
Many companies are recovering less than 50% of those failed payments, using extremely outdated “dunning” methods to follow up. This passive churn problem can be responsible for up to half of a company’s overall churn.
About us
Churn Buster is a growing, profitable B2B service that brings visibility to failed payments, and an expansive toolset to custom-tailor solutions for many of the biggest brands in eCommerce and SaaS.
Churn Buster integrates with Stripe Billing, Recharge/Shopify, Braintree, Paypal, Square… or any other billing system via our API. 
Churn Buster is a small team focused on providing a world-class, niche service. With a passion for building a great product, and for educating customers on the best practices we establish as market leaders, we are on a mission to CARE MORE and GO FURTHER to solve this one, massive problem.

We prioritize taking care of our customers, and care deeply about doing what’s right—even when it’s the harder option. This has strengthened our reputation in a competitive market, and our partnerships within the subscription payments industry.

We believe in doing more with less, starting as small as possible, eliminating distractions and taking the time needed to find simple solutions.

The opportunity

With this important role, you will bridge the gap between product and customer.
You will find new ways to surface the value of Churn Buster—often bringing behind-the-scenes features and capabilities to customers for the first time, and sometimes just making them easier to use. 
You will work closely alongside Engineering and Success leads—Scott Albertson and Mark McKenna—talking directly with customers and working independently to move our product forward.
About you
You are able to work alongside engineers in the codebase, and implement improvements on the front-end, using sources of inspiration to build and ship beautiful product updates without the help of a designer. 
You’ve felt the frustration of working in an environment where projects don’t see the light of day until they are deemed perfect. You crave customer feedback, and want your features to ship fast to see how they survive in the wild. You know how to find 80% solutions to close loops and keep up momentum.
You’re eager to join calls with customers, and discuss their challenges with our Success and Engineering leads. 
You find it rewarding to solve real problems for customers, no matter how big or small. 
You find enjoyment in overcoming points of confusion, promoting simpler solutions, and streamlining work.
  • Can implement your designs with HTML and CSS, maintaining clean markup and style
  • Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript knowledge – enough to be productive and often find 80% solutions that are ready to be shipped, improved upon later
  • You have good design taste, and know it when you see it, leveraging design systems like Tailwind, and inspiration from places like Dribbble, to help implement features
  • Understanding of layout, typography, visual hierarchy, and accessibility in web and mobile interfaces
  • Ability to think iteratively and holistically about how to release features in small pieces and share work often with the team
  • Highly collaborative and inclusive in your design and development process
  • You can provide examples of things you’ve made, via links to side projects or a portfolio
Experience working remotely is a requirement, and this is a US-based position. 
Job summary + benefits
  • Full-time, remote, flexible schedule
  • Quarterly profit share
  • 401k with up to 4% company match
  • 100% covered Gold health and dental insurance for you and your family
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Paid family leave
  • Budget for subscriptions with unique eCommerce brands
  • Education budget for books and courses that interest you
  • Tight-knit, collaborative team
How to apply
Please email work@churnbuster.io with answers to the following questions and “Product Engineer” in the subject:
  1. Can you use git to do work in a branch, and then rebase and squash into the main branch?
  2. Can you build production web applications in Ruby on Rails and deploy to Heroku?
  3. Are you comfortable with HTML and CSS and have opinions about how to organize CSS?
  4. Are you comfortable with JavaScript and have opinions about when to use a framework?
  5. What are a couple of your favorite web apps? What do you like about them?

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/churn-buster-product-engineer-full-stack-with-ruby-on-rails-1


Job Types: Full-Time.


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