3 Aug 2021

Decibel: Front End Engineer (React)


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Job Description

Headquarters: Austin, TX

URL: https://decibelads.com

Decibel is a self-serve platform allowing small business advertisers to reach customers through audio ads (on podcasts, Spotify, etc.). We’ve been generating revenue since our first month and have grown over 225% since March. In addition, we have a number of great investors backing us including the folks that built the ad platforms for Facebook and Snapchat as well as a number of our early customers. 

100% worldwide remote and 90% asynchronous. Outside a handful of meetings a week and 2 company get togethers for a ~5 days twice a year you mostly work on your own time. We strongly believe that the quality of work and amount of output is more important than hours worked, and that people do their best work (and stick around longer) when they can live the lives they want outside of work. Whether it’s traveling the world or never missing a t-ball game for your kid and staying in your town we look to be a place where top 1% performers are able to work on their terms. We’re a group of people from lots of different backgrounds, but we come together by being mission oriented and focusing on getting the best possible outcomes for our customers.

We are looking for a contract (20 hours a week minimum) or full time front-end engineer to join the team. The tech team will consist in Greg (CTO/full stack), our UX lead, and you (front-end development)

On the front-end, we use:

– a mix of TypeScript and ES6

– React (an un-ejected Create React App)

– Material UI & Tailwind

The front-end uses Firebase for auth & file uploads and talks to our backend via axios.

The front-end is deployed to Netlify. On the backend, we use Python/Django deployed to Heroku. We have dev, staging and prod environments, and use GitHub, as you would expect.

We are especially looking for someone with experience in translating mockups into responsive CSS / React components. If you are experienced in carefully crafting front-end user experiences, we really want to talk to you. Familiarity with TypeScript or any of the backend technologies we use is secondary.

There is nothing wrong with writing jQuery/pre-ES6 code, but if those are your main tools, this role will probably not be a good fit.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/decibel-front-end-engineer-react



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