2 Sep 2021

Full-Time ExaVault, Inc.: Senior Devops Engineer – 1+PB Storage


Job Description

Headquarters: California

URL: https://www.exavault.com

We’re a bunch of engineers building a next-generation managed file transfer service, and we need to find an experienced DevOps guy/gal to help us. We’re not starting from scratch – we’ve already got customers in more than a hundred countries – including names like Adobe, Chevron, Lockheed Martin & Zillow. Check out www.exavault.com.
This is DevOps in the true sense of the word. We believe in ‘configuration as code’ — almost all of our physical systems are provisioned via chef, and we use docker to build and deploy our application and associated services. As with any DevOps job, there’s going to be some ops — doing things like tuning and tweaking the database servers — but much of it will be the dev part: building out our configuration management system, improving our docker images, improving our deployment process, writing tests for all of that, and more.
We’re looking for a leader — someone who is technically gifted, but also has the business side & soft skills to ultimately be the DevOps manager, interfacing with the rest of the team, including senior leadership, on planning our infrastructure roadmap. In a bit more detail:
  • You’ll work with our senior technical staff to run all of the day-to-day operations of our systems. Unlike most companies, we use our own custom-built bare-metal hardware — built using many of the concepts pioneered by Backblaze in the B2 storage pod.
  • You’ll think about the big picture — what do we need next year, in three years, and in five years. What technologies are coming that we need to pay attention to?
  • You’ll deal with the hands-on — maintaining and grow our chef configuration management system, our docker containerization system, and VMWare virtual machine environment. And you’ll constantly keep one eye on the future, figuring out if we need to replace any of those with something else.
  • You’ll maintain and improve our Icinga monitoring system, which keeps a watchful eye on the performance of our systems.
  • You’ll handle the network layer too, managing our redundant juniper switching fabric and our pfsense firewalls.
  • Yes, there will be pager duty with this job. We rotate pager duty — you get one week on and one week off.
That’s a lot, we know. This is the sort of job where the challenge will be different every day, and you’ll rarely find yourself doing the same thing twice.
Now, in terms of what we’re looking for from you:
  • You should definitely have done this stuff before. ‘DevOps is new(ish), and we don’t much care if you’ve come from the dev side or the ops side, but today you should be fluent in both. You should be just as comfortable stringing a bunch of awk, grep, and cut commands together as you are discussing the finer points of class inheritance.
  • There’s no magic number of years that you should have under your belt, but this isn’t a junior position, so if you haven’t been doing this type of work full-time for at least 5-7 years, this might not be the right role for you.
  • You should have a good business head on your shoulders. This position isn’t all technical — you’ll need to understand the business case for what we’re doing and make decisions and recommendations based on the larger business goals of the company.
  • You should be very experienced with things like CentOS, chef, Docker, GlusterFS, Python, PHP, Node, HAProxy, pfSense, MySQL. We don’t expect you to literally have in-depth experience with all of those, but you should be hitting at least several.
  • Of course, there’s all the standard stuff. You need to be a nice person. You need to communicate well. You need to be able to work remotely, with a team around the world.
  • You need to be enough of a morning person that you can get on a call as early as 9 am PT ( noon ET ). We know DevOps folks often like to work late, and that’s OK, but you should be roughly available during the business day.
ExaVault Offers…
We offer an excellent set of benefits to our full-time employees:
  • A competitive salary.
  • Fully paid Health, Dental & Vision coverage. We offer United Healthcare’s ‘Gold’ level plans, which is a premium plan.
  • 401K w/ 4% employer match.
  • Paid company trips. In 2019 we went to Sydney Australia and Athens, Greece. The year before that we went to Barcelona, Spain. (OK, admittedly we’re not doing these during COVID. But COVID’s almost over, and soon we’re gonna be back on a plane.)
  • Three (3) weeks, going up to four (4) weeks based on tenure, of vacation per year, including the ‘Christmas Shutdown’ (below).
  • Christmas Shutdown – Except for ‘keeping the lights on’ operational duties, the company shuts down (with full pay) for the week between Christmas and New Years.
  • Nine (9) Paid Holidays.
  • Flexible work arrangements. As long as you’re available throughout the business day, we’re flexible about how/when/where you work.
  • A $2000/year ‘office outfitting credit’. This may be saved up to three years and can be used for new equipment for your workspace.
  • Education reimbursement. We’ll pay for the classes and conferences you want to take.
Workplace Flexibility
ExaVault is headquartered in San Ramon, CA. We’ve been remote since before it was cool, and have employees throughout the US, Europe & Asia. Take a look at your potential future teammates on our about us page. Some of us work from home, some from co-working spaces, and some from coffee shops or other locations. You should have a quiet, professional, distraction-free workspace (either at home or elsewhere) from which to work; we’ll pay for a membership to a co-working space if you’d like.
A note on applying from David, the CEO
Online job postings are a little bit like online dating sites. There are thousands of people out there, all with great skills. There are also thousands of jobs, all great opportunities. We need to find the one person who’s the right fit for us… the right skills, the right mindset… somebody who will fit into our culture. You (hopefully) need to find the one job that’s right for you: something where you’re as excited to go to work on the 1000th day as you are on the 1st day.
So how do we meet each other? The signal-to-noise ratio on the Internet is low. This is probably the 100th job post you’ve looked at, and we get hundreds of candidates every time we put up a listing like this. I have a proposal: I’ve tried to share a lot about our company and our culture in this post, and on our website, and elsewhere. Do a little homework on us. After that, if this job really, truly excites you, and you think you’d be great at it, tell me why in your cover letter. I don’t need to know that you worked at ‘ACME, Inc.’ for ten years — I can get that from your resume. And I don’t need to know that you’re ‘professional, responsive and detail-oriented. Everybody says that. I’m reading every submission personally, and what I really need to know is who you are, what you can do, and why you think this would be awesome.
You should apply using the button on this page, but if you have questions about the job or just want to make an extra pitch for yourself, my email is david.ordal@exavault.com
I’m a real person, and you are too. Let’s start there.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/exavault-inc-senior-devops-engineer-1-pb-storage


Job Types: Full-Time.


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