18 Jan 2022

Findify: Front end developer


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Job Description

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

URL: http://findify.io

We are looking for an open minded and enthusiastic mid- to senior level JavaScript Front end engineer to join our full stack JS team. If you’re a front end engineer who understands back end and build processes with an interest in expanding your skills with a bit of back end work, or a full stack engineer who finds themselves most at home on front end tasks – we’d love for you to join us! In the JS team we all work across the stack but our existing team is a bit back end heavy, so if front end is what you do and love, we could well be the perfect place for you!

What is Findify?

We’re a small, stable and well funded scaleup providing solutions for custom search and personalization for e-commerce. We’re a fully remote company with an engineering team distributed across a number of different countries in CET +-2 time zones, including places such as Portugal, Russia, Germany, Slovenia and Lebanon. Our strong values and sense of community have been the key to our success – we now serve over 1500 stores in more than 50 countries. We have ambitious plans for the coming year – we plan to grow the business and the organization substantially. We’d love for you to join us on this journey!

What you’ll be doing:

As a full stack engineer on our team, you’ll be working with two other JavaScript developers and the Scala team to further develop and architect our software solutions.

Your tasks will include
  • Designing and writing maintainable, readable and elegant code, rearchitecting and refactoring existing software where needed
  • Contributing to technical and product specs, and collaborating on architecture and design decisions together with the Scala team
  • Testing the software you build for reliability and robustness using different testing paradigms and libraries
  • Embracing feedback on your specs and your code as an opportunity for continuous improvement and collaborative design, and carrying out spec and code review for your coworkers
  • Caring for knowledge transfer and mentoring others on the team, whether they’re overall more junior or just less experienced in your specific domain of expertise
  • Continuous learning of different programming paradigms and new technologies
  • Being an effective technical and non-technical communicator (our company language is English)

You’ll really thrive in this role if you: 
  • Work with modern front end frameworks, such as React, Angular and/or Vue (we use React)
  • Appreciate well-designed APIs and can contribute to their design (REST or GraphQL, we use both)
  • Understand and work with modern cloud based infrastructure (we deploy to Kubernetes and also use some Serverless)
  • Take ownership over build and CI/CD processes (we use CircleCI for builds and GitOps with ArgoCD for back end deployments)
  • Appreciate good developer experience and make ours even better by introducing new tools and iterating on processes
  • Are generous with your communication, whether it is about new ideas, praise, or very kindly phrased constructive feedback
  • Like to learn new things, have an open mind and want to share your knowledge with your coworkers

Reasons you’ll love working with us: 
Impact and culture – Findify is still a pretty small company going into a growth phase so this is the perfect opportunity for you if you’re excited about joining a team where you can have a lot of impact and take a lot of ownership over your work. The JavaScript team especially is a great opportunity for you if you want to leave your mark and contribute to the culture, as the team’s position is becoming strategically more prominent with more of the core functionality of the software getting moved to the domain of the JS team. 
Developer experience – Despite being small, we’re a high tech company, and especially in the recent years we’ve focused a lot on developer experience. We have a cutting edge tech stack (TypeScript and Scala with Kubernetes deployments) with no legacy tools and a keen interest in keeping it that way – so if you’re excited about learning new technologies in a laid back, collaborative environment where quality software and engineering experience are among the first priorities, we are a good fit for you.
Work life balance – We’re a remote team and have found this a recipe for success for the whole company. We’re also stable and well funded and pay competitive market salaries for all our positions. This has made us successful especially during the global pandemic where we’ve been able to grow the company and keep all positions intact while supporting our staff with young children and other family members to care for. We care about quality of work, collaborative processes and tangible results – we want you to be available and responsive during usual working hours in case your coworkers need something from you, but we’re very flexible when the circumstances arise. We have kids at home from daycare making appearances on calls sometimes, and you can book a slot in your work calendar for the appointment with your doctor or your dentist without feeling guilty. It’s important that we’re communicative and as responsive as possible when that happens, but sometimes we need some flexibility on when we get the focused work done and we understand that completely.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/findify-front-end-developer-1



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