3 Mar 2022

Full-Time Raisely: Site Reliability (and Security) Engineer


Job Description

Headquarters: Australia

URL: https://raisely.com

Raisely powers online fundraising for ambitious charities across the world. We’re a purpose-driven remote team, spread across 6 countries and 11 cities.
We’re growing rapidly, but we’re not just any high-growth startup. Here you’ll have the flexibility of working from wherever you’re happy, supported by a passionate, talented team. You’ll use your skills to help charities of all sizes raise money to fund their important work, all while building a well-balanced company that puts values first.
If you’re excited about the challenge of a high-growth startup, and want your work to have a huge impact on the world, then we hope you’ll consider working with us.

A bit about us:
We’re Raisely! We help charities raise money online. Our platform helps charities build fundraising campaigns, run donation appeals, and nurture their supporters. We make it easy to get started and scale-up, without needing technical help.
We started Raisely because charities have been underserved by technology for too long. We set out to change that, and so far we’ve helped raise over $200m.
We’re a team of 20-turning-40 as we rapidly grow our company (and impact). With your help, we’re hoping to raise $1bn in the next few years and rapidly scale out, supporting charities small and large in countries across the world.
Oh and one more thing. We walk this impact talk. We’re a proud B-corp, and purpose is baked into our constitution. We’re carbon neutral, and we’re starting our anti-racism journey to ensure we’re actively undoing centuries of systemic racism.
We know with diversity comes strength. We want Raisely to be a team of many cultures, nationalities, sexualities, gender identities, religious beliefs, abilities, and ideas. We particularly encourage Indigenous people, First Nations, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disabilities, or people without the economic advantage of higher education, to apply for our roles.
Raisely is a unique product with many interesting technical aspects. At a glance:
  • Raisely lets people take one-off and recurring donations to their own Stripe/PayPal accounts. Our system needs to check these donations for attempted fraud, process them atomically and quickly add them to live tiered fundraising totals.
  • Raisely has a comprehensive page-builder that our customers use to build their own fundraising websites. We supply a set of React components, campaign templates and page-building constructs. But we also allow our customers to write their own SCSS styles and custom React components which means our engineering team needs to support a lot of permutations and deliver them all performantly.
  • Raisely provides free, flexible and powerful tools to charities, but this has made us the target of some creative attempts to misuse our platform which require robust defences that balance our limited engineering time with delivering new features for our customers.
  • Raisely needs to operate at an ever-increasing scale. We already facilitate millions of API requests each day, and need to handle spikes when our clients launch a new campaign or are featured in the news. We need to support this scaling while enabling a growing and fast moving engineering team to deliver new features that are secure & reliable.

A bit about the role:
We’re looking for our first ever Site Reliability and Security Engineer to join our engineering team and take our DevSecOps processes to the next level. As a team of all-rounders we’ve built a lean and reliable tech stack that we’re proud of, but we recognise it’s time to bring in more specialised team members for managing the performance & security of Raisely.

We’ve got a big codebase and a growing team that strives to produce great results for our customers. You’ll be joining an engineering team that takes our clients and their uptime seriously and we’re excited to learn how your work will support that commitment. You’ll take the lead on thinking about reliability and security, and you’ll collaborate with our product engineering teams as they work through feature cycles to deliver code that’s secure and keep us within our error budget (which you’ll help us to set).

We mostly work in Javascript running on a mix of containerised systems like Cloud Functions, Google App Engine and Docker containers. Our stack runs on Node + Postgres with some NGINX in the mix.

The performance and security issues that crop up are not frequent enough yet to justify separate roles for security and reliability, and we hope this role will keep it that way for some time yet. Over the long term we expect you’ll likely specialise in security or reliability.

While you monitor metrics and fix immediate issues, you’re also looking to the future and developing a long term vision for DevSecOps and tooling to support our engineers in building quickly while releasing high performance, secure, reliable code.

Every minute of uptime that you secure, every security threat that your work protects us against will be helping our charity customers raise dollars that support the wellbeing of people and planet.

This is a full-time, permanent role. Raisely is 100% remote company, you will be able to work from home or a co-working office.
Role: Permanent, full-time (38hrs/week)
Location: Remote (we’ll help you set up your home office!)
Timezone: 3 hours overlap with Australian east-coast business hours.

If you worked here over the last year, you might have:
  • Improved or added to monitoring & alerting systems
  • Proposed changes to cloud platforms and underlying architecture to enhance security & resilience to failure
  • Identified future performance bottlenecks and helped design and implement solutions
  • Monitored our cloud infrastructure and identified opportunities to improve speed, latency, and hosting costs
  • Implement automated tooling to ensure we’re shipping secure code
  • Taken responsibility for solving a production reliability incident, along with a postmortem and implementing mitigations for the future.
  • Helped facilitate the Raisely Cybergames, a red team exercise where all staff across the company were invited to propose attacks & exploits to test
  • Taken part in reviewing our business continuity plan
  • Coordinated 3rd party penetration testing and developed fixes to issues identified
  • Provide input to engineering teams on security & reliability aspects of a feature cycle
  • Improve anything – you’ll take the initiative to find opportunities to move our processes from reactive, to proactive, to automatic

Now about you….
You’re an experienced Site Reliability Engineer
You’ve been part of an SRE team before and have a clear sense of what well implemented SRE should look like and are keen to work with the engineering team to get there. You’re comfortable managing production infrastructure and writing your own scripts and tools to manage it for you.

Emphasis on engineer
You’re not here to tinker with operations and systems config, you architect systems and build them to be scalable and durable. You’re looking for ways to reduce toil for the team in our ops and in responding to and remedying alerts. You’re happy to jump in and fix an issue, but you’re even happier when you finish the job by building automation that makes sure it stays fixed. Your favourite kind of policy is Policy as Code.

An eye on security
You recognise that security and performance go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a service failure or a service hack, downtime is downtime. You account for this as you plan out your metrics and processes and you apply your SRE experience to solving for security. You help the team think through the security implications of architecture choices and how a bad actor could abuse a new feature or change of configuration.

You’re a manager-of-one & a collaborator with many
You don’t need a manager to check in and direct your workflow, you’d prefer to work to broad expectations and manage your own time within that framework. You can identify when you need a hand, and won’t hesitate to ask. At the same time, you recognise that to go far, we need to go together. You’re looking forward to sharing new tricks with your engineering colleagues as you help us upgrade our DevSecOps processes.

You care about making a difference
Yeah, we’re all here because we want to make the world better (and by that we mean a carbon-neutral utopia with world peace and just laws, where all people have equal opportunity to thrive). So you’ve gotta want that too!

Ok, and why work with us?
You spend nearly 2000 hours of your life at work, each year. That’s a huge commitment, so we can promise that every hour you’re spending with Raisely, you’re making the world a better place. Pretty great perk, hey?
Plus, the more you help us grow, the bigger our impact gets. And by that we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars big.
Working at Raisely is unique. If you have a great idea, we’ll help you make it happen. You’ll play a pivotal role in the success of hundreds of fundraising campaigns on our platform, and help shape our company as we grow.
If you needed more convincing, here’s the rest of it:
💵 Salary – We try to pay competitive salaries anchored to Sydney, Australia. This role pays AU$120,000 a year. (Including super for Australian residents)
📈 Ownership – We are focussed on building Raisely as a team, so we’ll offer you the chance to be a part-owner of the company with our Employee Share Options
💻 Technology – The usuals. We’ll get you a laptop and screen when you start, plus help you set up your home office.
✈️ Retreats – Every 6-ish months we fly you somewhere pretty for our team retreats. (Once we’re able to safely again)
🗺 Annual Leave – Everyone gets 4 weeks paid leave plus 11 days of public holidays, to be taken when you like. Plus, you are entitled to generous paid sick leave.
🌴 Work remotely – We’re a remote-first company – live and work wherever you’re happiest. We’ll cover a co-working space if you’d like to work there.
Flexibility – We’ll work with you to figure out hours that work with you, and we’re flexible when life gets in the way.
😌 Calm Company – ⅓ of us are parents, another ⅓ are parents to fur babies, and the other ⅓, well, they have lives too, so we strive to respect each others personal time.
🤷 Training – We’ll support you with time when you want to learn new skills or pay for conference or course tickets.

How to apply:
You’ve got this far! We really want to hear from you. To apply, email jobs@raisely.com with your CV and cover letter. Use the subject line “Site Reliability Engineer”.
If you need assistance and/or a reasonable accommodation due to a disability during the application or the recruiting process please request that accommodation in your application.
In your cover letter, include short answers to the following:
  1. What is it about this job that made you want to apply?
  2. Tell us about a DevOps or DevSecOps automation you helped build. What problem did you solve? How did it reduce toil? What would you do differently if you had to build it again?
  3. When was a time you optimised how an application was running on a cloud provider? What was the setup prior, how did you go about designing a new architecture and successfully migrate to it?
We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until we find the right person.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/raisely-site-reliability-and-security-engineer


Job Types: Full-Time.


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