18 Jun 2021

Full-Time ZipMessage: Technical Marketer for SaaS / Media Brand


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Job Description

Headquarters: US

URL: https://zipmessage.com

Marketing shortcuts are not a thing.

There isn’t a hack or a swipe file or a rip-and-repeat checklist that “works every time”.

Marketing is about making a personal connection.

It’s about empathy.  A great marketer is able to feel what the customer truly cares about.  Knowing them as they see themselves and how they see the world.

It’s also about execution.  Research and positioning only helps if it leads to action.  Consistent, high-impact, data-driven action.

Sound like your approach?  Then this role might be for you.

A creative media company that sells software.

Shiny Objects is my new company (I’m Brian Casel, by the way.  Hi 👋).  This thing started as a software company.  Our newest product is ZipMessage, a tool for async video conversations.  It’s off to a great start with some exciting early traction. 

But if this company is going to thrive and grow, we need to be something *more* than just another SaaS in a sea of “alternatives”.

Shiny Objects is being built as a creative media company that happens to make and sell software.  We make inspiring and worthy media content for our favorite people.  And we make simple, useful software that our favorite people love to use.  That’s the business plan.

To that end, as one of the first key hires, I’m looking for technical marketer to work with me and our Media Creator on all things marketing and distribution. 

This role is focused on distribution of our media content to grow our audience, and optimization of our sales funnels for our young SaaS product,  ZipMessage.

Hello, Technical Marketer

If you were designing your dream role, you’d probably describe it in this way:

💡 Bring strategic ideas to fruition
We want to know that the things we’re creating have the potential to reach the right audiences.  You bring the research and strategic mindset to help shape the creative process so we’re positioned for success from the idea all the way through execution.

🤓 Find meaning in data, analytics, and trends
You’re no stranger to rigging up analytics dashboards and tracking the right metrics.  More importantly, you use data to tell the right story, which helps guide our best next steps.

☕️ Creativity to break through
If anything we do is going to break through, it has to be *different*.  Worth talking about.  Whether it’s the positioning, the copy, the distribution, the concept… Your most creative ideas are needed.

🛠  Technical chops in SEO, PPC, CRO, automation, etc.
You’ve got chops.  Identifying and executing SEO opportunities.  Testing PPC campaigns.  Setting up marketing automation.  Optimizing funnels.  Basic design and launching of landing pages, forms, and the like.  It’s all right in your wheelhouse.

☑️  Experiment.  Execute.  Learn.  Process.
You can plan a worthy experiment, then execute and follow through with tracking and learning.  Once things are working, you’ll be focused on the process, and building our engine for distribution and audience growth.

Let’s talk specifics

Things you might find yourself doing:
  • SEO research, planning, and executing on opportunities.
  • Running PPC exeriments
  • Tracking and reporting analytics
  • Writing email newsletters
  • Writing and managing social media distribution
  • Writing articles or briefs for article writers
  • Setting up marketing automation workflows
  • Creating and shipping landing pages
  • Outreach and networking with distribution partners
  • Podcast promotion and distribution
  • SaaS Conversion rate optimization
  • Breaking up our remote work defaults to attend occasional workcation retreats for some in-person hangouts, work, and fun.

Things to know about this position:

Location independant
However, North America or Europe are preferred.  I’m based in Connecticut and the ideal is to find someone with plenty of timezone overlap and relatively short travel distances.

Remote work + Asynchronous communication
Day-to-day, we’re fully remote and we lean on asynchronous communication (ZipMessage, Slack, etc.) whenever possible.  We’ll meet live occassionally for collaboration, but we’re very *anti-zoom-fatigue* here 😉

Small, collaborative team. 
You’ll be directly involved planning and executing big, important, growth initiatives, collaborating with the founder (me 🙂 and our media creator.

Calm, flexible hours
Yes, we value shipping at a consistent, effecient clip and making our best working hours count.  NO, we won’t sacrifice our rest time, family time, happiness, and personal mental and physical health for the sake of “hustle”.  Set your own hours and your own pace.

Part-time, to start
The Technical Marketer role is a part-time position, to start.  As our operations evolve, there could be an opportunity to grow into a full-time role.

It’s a new role.  We’re a new company.  Help make it great.
This is a new role in a new company so I’ll value your input when it comes to shaping the ideal structure for this position and all of our positions going forward.

About your teammates

Let me introduce you to your potential teammates and collaborators: 

The founder & Header of Product (that’s me, hi 👋)

Hi, I’m Brian Casel, founder of ZipMessage, and its new parent company/brand that I’m calling Shiny Objects.

I’ve been building businesses full-time and customer-funded for 13 years and counting.  I’m a web designer by trade.  As as a multi-time founder, I’ve managed to learn (and continue to learn!) *all the things*:  team building, marketing, engineering, design, writing, etc.  In recent years, I’ve been focused on software product design.  I think of myself as a creative entrepreneur and I intend for this next company to be the most creatively-driven venture to date.

What else?… I live on the Connecticut coast (an hour north of NYC) with my wife and 2 young kids and we can’t wait to get back to our favorite pre-pandemic pastime, traveling.  I’m also a lifelong musician and hobbyist music producer, and love that intersection of tech and creativity.

Media Creator

You will work hand-in-hand with with our Media Creator, who heads up  the creative side of our media brand, while you focus on executing on distribution.  We’ll place a heavy focus on podcasts, video content, and new ways to tell stories and grow audiences.

That Media Creator role hasn’t been filled yet, so if that more like your thing, or you know someone great, referrals are appreciated!  Here’s the link 

Is this for you?  Please apply.

To apply, please fill out the form here

For bonus points, you could send me a ZipMessage too 😉

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/zipmessage-technical-marketer-for-saas-media-brand


Job Types: Full-Time and Part-Time.


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