These people are all playing a good idea in the heart, but the mouth is never said, did not expect today to be a lot of jade seemingly joking words revealed the secret, how many are a little embarrassed. Imperial Concubine Yide looked at Yu Duoduo, frowned and asked, “Which one are you?”? This palace a few words, where is your turn this slave to interrupt? Turning to Jin Lan and humming, “Jin Guifei, you come out of the palace, one or two, and you don’t care about the rules of the palace. You, the master, are also duty-bound.”? Since you say that you should be taught by yourself in your palace, this slave will teach you well. This palace does not intervene. Jin Lan sneers: “This, even if the mother imperial concubine wants to manage, is afraid also cannot manage.” Emperor Yide’s imperial concubine said angrily, “Be presumptuous!”! Is there anyone in this harem who can’t be controlled by this palace? Smiling, Yu Duoduo,liquid bottle filling machine, imitating Miss Lian Hua to sing a grand opera, shook her sleeves and slowly performed a messy palace ceremony with the imperial concubine: “My wife Ning Yu follows her husband, the Marquis of Xiaoyao. Your Majesty has added the title of Lady Yipin.”. “Empress toffee, the courtier’s wife is polite.” Yide imperial concubine, of course, knew that the prince of the ancient city of Ning was now Xiaoyao Hou Ningkun,plastic bottle making machine, but she had never seen Yu Duoduo. She had only heard others mention that the wife of the Marquis of Ning had been a friend in need, so the emperor broke the rules and gave Mrs. Ning a special title. The imperial concubine had thought that the woman who could subdue Ning Kun and make the emperor treat her differently must be extraordinary, which, like today’s sight, made the imperial concubine like eating a fly, something blocked in her throat, unable to get in and out-this lady is really extraordinary-extraordinary no rules, look. What’s the difference between the way she stands without forgetting to shake her legs and the hooligans on the street? This whole body does not have a serious appearance, temperament that is quite obscene, really blind this person so good skin! The imperial concubine felt that if she looked at the woman one more time, she would have the impulse to poke her eyes blind. Even standing in the same space with this woman, the toffee felt that she had lowered her style. Emperor Yide’s imperial concubine hummed a sound from her nose. She didn’t want to talk to Yu Duoduo, or she really couldn’t control a lady, PET bottle Mold ,liquid bottle filling machine, so she had to ignore her. She turned to teach Jin Lan a lesson: “As the saying goes, those who are close to Zhu are red and those who are close to Mo are black. No wonder there are some unruly animals in the palace of the imperial concubine Jin. It turns out that she has been with someone for a long time.”. Jin Guifei, you must pay attention in the future. Don’t spread it and lose the face of our royal family. “Someone” was so unconscious that he insisted on making the pool water black before giving up, so he was reluctant to ask: “The imperial concubine thinks that which’pig ‘should our imperial concubine stay with to turn red?” The language was full of teasing, so that the imperial concubine of Yide could not answer, nor could she answer-the answer seemed to admit that the man was a pig, and the tone could not be swallowed without answering. After a while, the imperial concubine decided to continue to ignore “someone”: “This emperor is also true, what ghosts and monsters all dare to order the life of the lady, it really makes people laugh off their teeth! I must teach the emperor well when I go back to the palace. After a pause, he opened his mouth to Jin Lan again. “Jin Guifei, I know that you have a bad family background and have never had a chance to come into contact with a real socialite, but this is not the reason why you are willing to degenerate and associate with some dubious people.”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to lose face, but you can’t let the emperor fall with you. Here, this palace has found some sisters for you. If you think you are bored in the palace, you can send them in to accompany you. Although they are younger, they are the most courteous girls in Kyoto. It is always good for you to have more contacts with them. In terms of grade, you can also be their sister, and you can help them more in the future. This tone, is so pretentious, high above the masses, so understated that the golden blue and jade are trampled on the soles of their feet and depreciated to nothing. Although it is said that the little girls are young and ignorant, it is satirized that the golden blue is old and can not be compared with these young ladies. Anyone with a little brain can hear the overtones of the imperial concubine.
What do you mean, “help them up”? How to “carry”? Is not to warn Jinlan not to occupy the emperor’s favor and not let go? We serve together, mutual benefit is the right way! Yu Duoduo looked so pitiful and pathetic that she looked at the imperial concubine of Yide, but her eyes were full of excitement: “Oh, this old witch really dares to say it. Today’s big play will be wonderful!”! . 290 Sister Sister As soon as the imperial concubine Yide had finished speaking, Lian Hua, who was the cleverest woman beside her, stood out and gave Jin Lan Yingying another salute. She said with a smiling face, “If Sister Jin doesn’t mind, then Sister Jin will often come to the palace to talk with her and serve her.” Even the young lady’s mind was absolutely exquisite. She followed her aunt’s words and went up a step. Even the name of “Imperial Concubine” was changed to “Golden Sister”. It was so affectionate that people who didn’t know thought how deep the friendship between the two was. But before the little girl could say a word, she saw Yu Duoduo holding her waist and leaning back with a shapeless smile: “Oh, the imperial concubine, when did you have such a white lotus sister?”? I’ve known you for so many years. How come I’ve never heard you say that? You won’t hide any peony sister or chrysanthemum sister, will you? While wiping his piggy brother’s face with his sleeve, Ning Xiaopang made a comment for his mother in a strange voice: “If a tree has no skin, it will die; if a man is cheap, he will be invincible in the world.” Yu Duoduo laughed so hard that the flowers trembled. He put saliva on his son’s face and praised him, saying,Beverage packing machine, “Pangpang, you are so clever!”! The proverb is being used more and more accurately! Jin Lan didn’t even bother to roll her eyes to show the mother and son who were taking advantage of the chaos. She said to Lian Hua in a cold voice, “Miss Lian’s words are too serious. I haven’t had any sisters since I was a child.”. The mother of this palace is nothing but the most humble maidservant in this palace. How could she give birth to such a beautiful and graceful person as Miss Lian? 。 gzxilinear.com

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