13 May 2021

Channel Fusion, Inc.: Digital Marketing Strategic Account Manager


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Job Description

Headquarters: Hiawatha, IA

URL: http://www.channel-fusion.com

We’re a privately owned company, with 100 employees, and the coolest digital marketing team of “Get It Done-ers” around!  We provide channel marketing services to Fortune 1000 clients while leveraging technology and service solutions to help our clients promote their brand(s) through their independent channel distribution partners.  
Channel Fusion is one of the Corridor Business Journal’s “Fastest Growing Companies” and we have some pretty darn inspiring perks that make us want to get up in the morning – we’re an extremely social workplace with several interest clubs in which to get involved, we get involved in helping organizations that serve our community and we even offer volunteer time off.  You’ll see countless office parties around here, company outings, and a welcoming vibe that you feel the minute you walk in the door.  We host happy hours at our office bar that make you want to “work” late. (Seriously, we have to tell our employees to GO HOME, so we can clean up!) We know you’re awesome at what you do, and we don’t care what you wear.  You do you!  (Just step up your game when clients occasionally come in.)
What we’re looking for now is YOU – our next Digital Marketing Account Manager & Strategist, who can drive our B2B client strategy and digital sales funnel growth to the next level for our clients and the brands we work with!
This is a large-scale, online marketing position, not sales – so if you know how to rock trade shows but don’t know how to manage a funnel, this isn’t the right fit for you.  Our team is spunky and we all have a “start-up” mentality, so we aren’t offended when someone asks us to empty the garbage.  –No one’s actually asked us to do that, but we’re willing to dive in and do things outside our scope to better our business.  Our new teammate will need to share that mentality.  We work hard and we have fun every single day, so having a sparkling personality can only help your chances.
Summary:  You will be responsible for bringing ideas and implementing them, a Strategic Doer.  You’ll assess, plan and develop demand generation processes and/or systems establishing a vision for where our clients could be and then execute that plan.  We need a self-starter who is intrinsically driven by process and outcomes.  At the same time, you’ll get to grow our relationship with our dealers’ brands, getting us more engrained in their ecosystem.
This role will interact with all levels of the company internally and externally with clients, including executives, so must be polished enough to interact with and glean meaningful content and ideas from them.  
Here’s what you get to do:
  • Act as a liaison between our clients, the brand, and our content and advertising team, making sure our clients’ vision is kept in tact.
  • Leverage various marketing technologies to deliver Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) to our client’s business development and sales teams.
  • Drive strategy – measure and analyze effectiveness of marketing demand generation strategies/campaigns and implement ongoing improvements and enhancements based on results.
  • Interface with clients to fully understand products and services that they provide and make sure the team is delivering on results.
  • Recommend enhancements for content for digital products. Including: websites, blogs, social channels and digital advertising campaigns (organic and paid)
  • Proactively bring ideas for content, promotions, video, contests, blogs, etc. to clients to grow the business and then work with the Digital Fusion team to bring those ideas to fruition.
  • Assist in developing and implementing strategies to optimize engagement. 
  • Work with clients to track full funnel marketing metrics and provide/implement recommendations based on conversion rates.
  • Create and manage metrics that assist in tracking of ROI across various marketing channels and share those reports with clients.
  • On the brand side, you’ll get to nurture and develop the relationship we have with one or more of the brands we work with by onboarding new dealers for them and teaching dealers how to improve their digital marketing scores.
  • Self-starter with excellent project management and communication skills
  • Ability to network and build long-term quality relationships with clients.
  • Ability to work very independently and drive results for our clients and the brands we represent.
  • Ability to analyze data and make recommendations on next steps for clients based on what the data is telling you.
  • Understanding of Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram organic and paid advertising 
  • Understanding of Google Analytics and Google Data Studio
  • Familiarity with Sprout Social is not required, but will be helpful.
  • SEO/SEM with AdWords and Bing a plus
  • Excel Wizard
  • Writing / Content Gen / Blogging / Social Media are not required but will come in handy when the team is overloaded.
  • Metrics / Analytics / Funnel Development and Management – ability to educate clients on this is necessary.
Experience we expect
  • 3-5 years of account management with knowledge of B2B content management or demand generation and how it works to fill the marketing funnel.
  • Experience in using Google Analytics as well as strong data analysis for making recommendations on moving forward.
  • Understanding of and ability to implement marketing metrics and analytics to educate our clients who aren’t as digitally savvy. 
  • Demonstrated ability to drive digital marketing strategy &/or campaigns.
What we believe about marketing:
Everybody’s got a fancy-schmancy marketing philosophy these days. Want to make sure your style matches with ours? Here’s what makes us go:
Combine instinct with evidence
Use your gut to create hypotheses, and data to test them. Always use reason to question if the data you’re seeing is correct – and if a result just doesn’t make sense to you, keep pushing it with more tests or analysis to make sure, instead of blindly taking it as gospel. 
Always favor repeatable tactics
Don’t sink too much time or too many resources into something you can only do once. (For example, optimizing a landing page for SEO without tracking what you changed.) Always prioritize tactics that you can put on repeat if they succeed.
Do more of what works, less of what doesn’t
Get brutally honest about if a tactic is working – if it is, ramp it up as much as possible! If it isn’t, drop it so you can focus more on what DOES work.
Look for the early signs of results
We’ve found that you can tell pretty quickly if something is going well – it may take some time to build up big numbers, but you’ll get an energy around it right away. We have NOT found it useful to keep slogging away at something that just isn’t generating any interest/engagement/attention.
Go for the biggest opportunities first
There’s no need to take baby steps all the time – pitch the larger spend to get results that are meaningful, go for the biggest traffic channels, attempt the biggest bites of cheesecake. It usually doesn’t take 10x the work to get 10x the results – it’s just a matter of putting in different work. (As an inspirational poster might say, work smarter, not harder.)
Here’s why you’ll love this job:
A killer team
Spreading the word about our rad services is just as important to the success of our company as actually *having* a rad service. You’ll be working alongside a spiffy and amusing group of 5 super talented people who know how to get stuff done.  You’ll always have support and a springy body to bounce ideas off of!
No red tape
You don’t have to run it by purchasing. You don’t have to wait three months for approval from upper management while your idea loses momentum and dies on the vine. You just run it by your team and do the thing you want to do.
A service that actually is impactful (and fun!)
Putting lipstick on a pig in a metaphorical way can be even more demoralizing than trying to ACTUALLY put lipstick on a pig. Instead, you’ll get to provide a service that is meaningful and can help small businesses grow. Plus you get to work on BIG brands with BIG advertising dollars, right here in small town Iowa.  Seriously, they’re so big we can’t fit them here so we’ll just tell you in your interview.
Big company execution power, small company autonomy
At 100 people (or so), we’re bigger than the tiny companies that have you figure out your own health insurance and just assume you’ll also be the in-house graphic designer and video editor – but we’re also SMALLER than the companies that take forever to get anything done because there are so many hurdles to clear for every little thing. We’re the perfect blend of resources and agility, if we do say so ourselves.
Speaking of Agility, our team also works “Agile” from a Trello board.  As with any marketing team, there’s more help needed than people to do the work.  So, we track it on our Trello board and we get to the things that are most important first.  The stuff we can’t get to goes into our backlog to be prioritized for another day.
Show us your best!  We can’t wait to meet our new teammate.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/channel-fusion-inc-digital-marketing-strategic-account-manager



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