17 Jan 2022

Temporary Demand Generation Specialist


Job Description

We are looking to bring on a Demand Generation Specialist to join our Marketing team! This is a huge opportunity for you to work with one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and learn the ins and outs of the online business world. Over the last couple of years, our company has seen explosive growth—and there is no sign of it slowing down.We truly believe in the power of inbound marketing and have had outstanding success with it over the years. With a double-sided marketplace and lengthy sales cycle, there are an abundance of opportunities to market to our audience depending on where they are in their journey.**What’s the Position Like?**As the Demand Generation Specialist at Empire Flippers, you’ll be a vital part of our marketing team. You’ll work closely with other team members to plan, coordinate, execute, and evaluate your demand gen strategies.Here are some typical responsibilities for this position:- Create and manage content that attracts qualified audiences such as eBooks, reports, webinars, and infographics- Create lead magnet funnels from scratch — landing page, thank you page, delivery, follow-up, etc.- Use HubSpot to track lead nurturing performance through email campaigns, content marketing, paid media and social media channels to identify opportunities for new campaigns or strategies- Maintain audience segmentation to ensure prospects, leads, and customers are receiving valuable content relevant to them- Meet KPI goals for lifecycle stages (subscriber, lead, MQL, etc.), calls scheduled, content downloads, marketplace interactions, and form submissions**What Skills Do I Need?****You need to have immaculate attention to detail.** Since our marketing campaigns reach hundreds of thousands of people, one slight mistake can easily hurt conversions. We are looking for a detail-oriented individual that also knows which aspects of a project to be most careful with.**A can-do attitude.** You understand resilience and being able to power through obstacles that come your way. You’re open to collaboration to get things done and you try to bring your best to everything you do.**Be a good communicator.** Good communication will be an essential part of this role. Not only will you need it to coordinate with other team members, but your work may be the first thing a prospect sees, so we are after someone that can deliver on messaging on voice.**A self-starter.** We need to see some evidence that you’re able to get up every morning, bite the bullet and just get on with it, even if you’ve tried four coffee shops and none have decent wifi. You won’t have eyes looking over your shoulder on a day-to-day basis, so you’ll be working in almost full autonomy. We’ll need to trust you to deliver the goods. In a nutshell: you must be highly motivated, goal-driven, and coachable.**Affinity for writing and design.** While we welcome collaboration with other content creators on the team, this role will require you to create some content on your own. Experience with writing, graphic design, and web design will be extremely valuable to us.**Required Skills**- Intermediate to advanced HubSpot Marketing Hub knowledge with focus on email, workflows, design tools, and contact management- Intermediate to advanced marketing funnel knowledge- Basic to intermediate graphic design knowledge, preferably with Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign- Basic to intermediate web design knowledge, mainly HTML and CSS- Basic to intermediate SEO knowledge – Basic to intermediate CRO knowledge- Copywriting experience**Preferred Skills**Other software knowledge that isn’t required, but we find valuable:- Monday.com productivity tool- HubSpot Sales Hub- Google Analytics- Google Data Studio- Ahrefs**What’s the Lifestyle Like?**Our company culture is built on the idea of travel, remote work, and living life on your terms.We’re not looking to put you in a cubicle and waste your time in traffic. You’ll be working hard, playing hard, and learning all about our company and what we stand for during this time.Apart from meeting us in person every now and then, you’re free to work and live anywhere you’d like and join the new class of digital nomads — we’re homeless but have a passport, credit card, and a laptop.You’ll become friends with people who will be able to give you massive insights into how digital businesses work, how they scale, and, of course, how to invest in them or sell them.**Love It. What’s the Catch?**This isn’t a gap year experience. This is not a temporary contract.If you’re applying just because you want something to fund your travels before you start seeking out a “serious” job, then you probably shouldn’t apply.We’re looking for career-minded people who share our vision and see where we’re going. We want you to be part of that vision and help us get there over the long haul.And while we play hard and sometimes really do work next to the pool all day, we work even harder. Sometimes you will be putting in a 10-12 hour day as business demands arise. You’ll be working weird hours to match other team members time zones, and you’ll sometimes have to face some critical feedback.You will be expected to perform to our expectations and really help us grow our business to the next level. We’re counting on you.If you can see yourself growing into a profitable and meaningful career with us and love what we do, we want you to be part of our team.**Details to Keep in Mind**While the  Demand Generation Specialist role will in large part be built from scratch, this position itself is not an entry level role. You will earn $2,000/month base rate plus immediately join our lucrative bonus sharing plan. Should company performance hit 100% of on-target earnings, this role has a very good opportunity to earn $65,000 in the first year.We’re going to start you off slow. You’ll first learn about our company and what each department does; then you will be given some low-level tasks to ease you into the position. Over time, your skills will grow and you’ll be making a lot of decisions on your own. However, you will always have our support and knowledge to lean on. We aren’t going to throw you to the wolves — you’ll be part of a high-functioning team that is here to help wherever we can.Our Director of Marketing and Marketing Ops Supervisor will be reviewing every application. If we think you’re a good fit, we will reach out to you to do a video call interview. After the first interviews are done, our final candidates will be brought back for a final second interview before we make our decision.***US resident requirements: If you are in the US, we will accept candidates residing in Texas, Florida, or Colorado, as we are registered for payroll in these states. Otherwise, US candidates should plan to live abroad or have plans to relocate to Texas, Florida, or Colorado.****We have a no side project policy: we do not allow any ownership, association, or affiliations with online businesses or websites. If you are the owner of an online business, then you will be expected to either sell the business before you join us or sunset it upon accepting a job offer from us. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not apply.****A background check is required. **


Job Types: Temporary.


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