21 Jun 2021

Diggity Marketing: Virtual Assistant (Digital Marketing)


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Job Description

Headquarters: Chiang Mai, Thailand

URL: http://diggitymarketing.com/

Do you want the freedom to work remotely, alongside some of the top SEOs in the world, and get paid well for it?
Diggity Marketing is looking to fill a key marketing assistant position and is looking for talented individuals with significant experience as a virtual assistant.
Interested in a highly rewarding job, with a ton of learning opportunities?
If so, please read on…

What’s in it for you

  • Access to over 40 hours of cutting edge SEO training
  • We’re a highly collaborative, fully remote team
  • Company retreats and onsites (at least, after COVID)
  • Ongoing training
  • The opportunity to work with an incredible group of motivated and supportive people

What You’ll Do

  • Must be able to follow directions to the tee
  • Help with the day-to-day SEO tasks and responsibilities
  • Help with the day-to-day social media tasks and responsibilities (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Work closely with the Marketing Manager in day-to-day and strategic operations and special projects.
  • Manage the Marketing Manager’s schedule, appointments, and calendar. Organize his time such that he only works on those very few tasks that are vital and actually move the business forward. Proactively intercept work and take it off his plate.
  • Editing copy/content with an efficient, keen eye for detail.
  • Improve on and implement new systems and processes.
  • Prepare information and research and act as the point person for a wide variety of projects.


  • SEO experience
  • High attention to detail 
  • High work standards
  • Fast turn around times
  • Responsive
  • Fluent verbal and written English.
  • Must be within GMT +3 to GMT +11 Time zone
  • Must be able to commit to a 1-2 year contract

About Us/Who We Are

Diggity Marketing is a digital marketing business specializing in SEO, affiliate marketing, lead generation, link building, and online business development. 
You will be joining the core team behind the Diggity Marketing website and work closely with members of the other companies under the Diggity Marketing umbrella. 
This includes our Affiliate SEO Agency ‘Leadspring’, our client-facing SEO agency ‘The Search Initiative’, our link building service ‘Authority Builders’, our online courses at ‘The Affiliate Lab’, our yearly Chiang Mai SEO Conference in Thailand (when COVID isn’t around) and a variety of other online companies we are investors in…
It’s a pretty sweet gig.

What Is The Company Like?

Full Time Remote/Flexible Hours.
Whether you want to work from home in your pajamas, or at a cafe by the beach, so long as you put your hours in and get your work done on time, we’re happy.
Complete Work/Life Balance.  
If you’re routinely working more than 45ish hours, you’re gonna get a friendly talking-to. We want you to be operating at 100% capacity, which means that you need to rest.
You Can Be Yourself.  
You don’t have to put on a fake, professional face. You can just be yourself. You can talk smack and have a laugh with your Manager, and no one will think anything of it.
Strongly Anti-BS.
Anybody in the company can (and is expected to) tell the Marketing Manager when he is wrong. There are no bureaucratic or BS rules getting in the way of getting work done.
No Micro-Management.
Once you’re trained and have demonstrated you know your stuff, we are pretty hands-off. In fact, if you need external management to stay on-task and motivated, we probably aren’t the place for you.
Lots of Raises (for People Who Kick Ass).
We do our absolute best to get ahead of things and give raises preemptively, so you don’t have to ask for one. It’s not unusual at all for someone to receive 2+ raises per year.
Supportive Environment.
We don’t operate via intense stress or unreasonable top-down deadlines. We work together to ensure everyone is successful – internal politics are at a minimum here. Every two weeks we have are team meeting where we collaborate and support each other in our endeavours.
No Toxic People Allowed.
We try very hard to screen out mean people before they get in, but in case they slip through, we fire them quickly. Imagine never having to interact with toxic people at work – how nice would that be?
Regular Feedback/One-on-Ones.
Every employee in the company does a planned One-on-One with their manager each week. We keep things candid. If you messed up, we tell you, so you have a chance to get better.  And when you’re doing well, we do our best to tell you, so you aren’t living in constant anxiety. 
We’ll Invest in Your Training.
We want you and everyone to get better constantly. You’ll be learning new things all the time, and are strongly encouraged to invest time every day to learn new things, improve your system/work process, and just generally try to make your life easier.

Apply For The Job

If you’re thinking: “This is totally me!” then be sure to apply via this form: 
We can’t wait to meet you!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/diggity-marketing-virtual-assistant-digital-marketing



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