6 May 2021

EcchiToons/OtakuToons: Digital Marketing Specialist for Chinese Market


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Job Description

Headquarters: Dover, DE

URL: https://www.ecchitoons.com/

Do you have experience in China Market? If yes, see below!

We are EcchiToons/OtakuToons, a company in the anime/manga space looking to sell our digital (and in the future, printed) products in the Chinese market both on our own website and via other platforms like WeChat and BiliBili, among others. We are also looking to contract Chinese social media influencers, especially on TikTok, to promote our company and products, as we already do in other countries. We have extensive experience selling online across many other countries, but the Chinese market is unique.

Our culture is very performance driven, you’ll be very well compensated for good performance, but we do not tolerate lack of performance. This is a fantastic role for people who know they’re good at what they do, and want to get paid well for it. In the future, you will be managing a small team that focuses on the Chinese market, as well as potentially the manager for Ambassadors in China.

Obviously we know that EcchiToons/OtakuToons, will have to be modified for the Chinese market (censored and translated).

Job requirements:

  • Business level fluency in English and Mandarin
  • 3+ Years of experience in digital marketing
  • 3+ years of experience with digital marketing in China (WeChat, Baidu, etc)
  • 2+ Years of experience working remotely
  • Ability to prove all the above
  • Report to the head of marketing
We’ll support you with:
  • The highly current and highly experienced digital marketing team
  • Creatives and landing pages will be provided to your specifications by amazing graphics and front end designers
What we don’t do:
  • We don’t micromanage
  • We don’t waste your or our time with “company culture” 
  • We don’t waste your or our time BSing in slack
  • We don’t make you physically show up anywhere or to anything, ever
  • We avoid long meetings (actually, we try to avoid them completely)
That means that you:
  • Must be incredibly self-motivated and really eager to create (and prove) your ROI
  • Must be very communicative in Asana
  • Will work closely with head marketer 
  • Can’t be afraid to work in a position that requires you to perform
  • Shouldn’t really care about fluff (think: anything done by a Silicon Valley startup…) and should care about ROI
  • Hardware & software if/as needed
  • Free manga
  • 100% remote
  • No BS, just performance 
  • Good performance? Earn more cash.
  • Everything listed in “What we don’t do” (see above) To apply, please email 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/ecchitoons-otakutoons-digital-marketing-specialist-for-chinese-market



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