14 Jan 2022

Stacked Colllective: Frontend Developer / Automations Engineer


Job Description

Headquarters: United States

URL: http://stackedco.co

About Stacked

Stacked Co. is a collective of technical growth leaders who lead digital marketing transformations for fast-growing brands. We provide cutting-edge customer retention strategies rooted in advanced knowledge of martech stack architecture and data science.

We’re in the early stages of building and moving fast.

Last year we grew 3X and worked with legacy and startup brands including Revel, Burger King, Vetsource, Teepublic, and Nuts.com. We set for aggressive growth next year as we grow the team from four senior technical staff to sixteen. This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor and redefine the standard of data driven marketing and cross-channel UX.

What we’re looking for…

A frontend developer with 3+ years previous experience working in HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and Liquid to develop, implement, and optimize user experiences across channels.

Nice to have: basic knowledge of Python, node.js, SQL + knowledge handling Github, Electron/Rust and Postman.

You’re the type of person who…

  • Embraces an environment where you will be exposed to a variety of companies, business challenges and toolsets.
  • Wants to be a part of a core senior team where you can develop the systems and structures at the forefront of an emerging field
  • Thrives in a remote-first flexible working culture

Things we’ll love about you…

  • Worked with HTML/CSS and Javascript to build user experiences across web and mobile
  • Experience working in ecommerce or a consulting environment
  • Developed templates, configured automations, and led QA in at least one of the following cross-channel communication toolsets: Iterable, Braze, Klaviyo, Customer.io
  • Developed emails and QA’d best practices across all major email clients
  • Experience implementing AB tests, personalization, and data-driven UX optimization across channels (web, app, email, sms, push, in-app message)
  • Collaborated with strategists and creative teams to continually improve documentation and implementation processes
  • Implemented event and tagging data plans leveraging tools like
  • Worked in an agile environment
  • Mentored or helped others grow in your field

In this role you will…

  • Leverage engineering experience to develop and optimize user experiences across channels
  • Develop dynamic emails, in-app flows, push notifications, landing pages, and SMS touchpoints leveraging tools like Braze, Iterable, Twilio, and Klaviyo
  • Work closely with strategists to implement cross channel journeys and AB tests
  • Actively monitor and QA live experiences and customer journeys
  • Work in AB testing and personalization tools such as Google Optimize, Dynamic Yield, and VWO to build, test, and optimize onsite experiences
  • Develop systems, templates, and toolsets that increase speed and quality of production at scale
  • Implement event tagging leveraging tools like Google Tag Manager, Braze, Segment, Iterable, and mParticle
  • Dig into the root cause of tracking, performance, or delivery issues


What to expect from the screening process:

Application questions: A set of questions to help identify whether your skills and interests match the position.

Introductory chat: A conversation with a Stacked team member where you can ask questions about the team and the role and we can get to know you beyond your application.

Solve some puzzles: We will provide a set of exercises and problem sets that will reflect the technical and collaborative capabilities you’ll need to be successful at the role.

This will provide us with a sense of how your current strengths and weaknesses line up with the daily activities in the role. It will also give you an opportunity to see how you enjoy solving the puzzles you’ll encounter at Stacked. We respect your time and will pay a 4-hour stipend for this practice workset.

Virtual Onsite: Interview with your potential future team members. These interviews will cover technical, work process, and managerial aspects of the job function. You’ll also have time to ask questions of the team.

References: We will ask to speak to two or three people who can provide insight into how you work, your opportunities for growth, and the best way to set you up for success.

Our Decision: If you’re selected we will provide an offer in line with the compensation listed below. We will also connect you with team members and resources to support you in making your decision. If you are not selected at this round we will provide context and constructive feedback at your request.

Compensation & Benefits:

Stacked uses a third-party compensation management company that leverages crowdsourced data to track salary benchmarks.


$94,489 – $137,918


  • 14 days PTO, holidays (including a week off in December), and 2 floating holidays
  • $1500 for equipment and office setup allowance
  • $1500 per calendar year for continuing education
  • $600/month contribution for premium-covered healthcare + dental + vision coverage for you (and partner or family)

In this current round, we are only accepting applications from US residents and can not provide working visas.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/stacked-colllective-frontend-developer-automations-engineer



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