13 Dec 2021

Full-Time TinyBit: UX Engineer


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Job Description

Headquarters: USA

URL: https://tinybit.com/

TinyBit is looking for a UX Engineer (junior- to mid-level front-end engineer with a strong understanding of design and usability) to help us build great user experiences across our portfolio of companies. Because we’re a small team, you’ll get to work on everything from code to research and strategy. With TinyBit, you’ll join a distributed team of foodies who enjoy helping people get a tiny bit better, every day, forever. 

About the role 

As a UX Engineer with TinyBit, you’ll work closely with TinyBit’s CTO, as well as the general managers of each TinyBit company. You’ll help shape product strategy, collaborate with the other functions of the business (marketing, support, etc.), and take the lead on creating the best possible user experiences. We work primarily with WordPress, Tailwind CSS, and Figma. There will be some opportunities to work in React, Vue, and Laravel as well. 
The activities of the UX Engineer include: 
  • Building high-quality user experiences in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.W
  • ireframing potential user experiences, and helping evaluate them before implementation.
  • Collaborating with the rest of the product and technology organization. 
  • Providing effort estimations to help us better understand the cost/benefit analysis of opportunities. 
  • Supporting other engineers as the team expands. 
  • Helping troubleshoot and fix customer issues, when needed. 
  • Participating in planning and strategy meetings. 

Our ideal UX Engineer has insightful opinions about great user experience. In addition to implementing, we’ll depend on you for wireframing and helping think through all of the little details. 
We expect the UX Engineer to have a thorough understanding of HTML/CSS, Tailwind CSS, and Figma. We’d like for you to be the best person on the team in these areas. If you’re only strong in two of the three (say HTML/CSS and Figma), you’ll have the opportunity to learn the third. 
Because much of the work relates to WordPress, we expect you to have a working familiarity with it (e.g. modifying custom theme template files). Complex WordPress work can be handled by other team members if it’s not your strength. 
Experience with React, Vue, and/or Laravel is a plus. If you don’t have experience, we’ll help you learn as the opportunity arises. 
Compensation for the UX Engineer role is competitive based on experience. Some of the benefits for US-based full-time employees include: 
  • Immediate eligibility for the company 401(k) plan with a 100% match up to 4% of salary; 
  • 10 vacation days and 7 sick leave accrued yearly (sick leave can be used for vacation if needed); 
  • Medical HRA of $350/month; 
  • 1 floating holiday and 1 birthday holiday; 
  • New Apple computer and a $1,000 budget to build your home office; 
  • Paid holidays provided per our policy. 

About the company 

TinyBit is a ~20 person distributed company whose businesses include Pinch of Yum, Food Blogger Pro, Nutrifox, WP Tasty, and Clariti. We start, grow, and acquire online businesses that help people (or companies) get a tiny bit better, every day, forever. We are also a tight-knit team that loves food (obviously!) and prioritizes kindness and gratitude. 
We prioritize the growth of our team members as much as we do growth of our businesses, and we believe that one of the ways we can be successful as a company is by positively impacting the lives of our team, helping them develop into the people they want to be in the world. We do this by seeking to find ways to overlap the needs of the company with a team member’s desire for development, growth, and impact. 
Our core values are: 
  1. 1% Infinity – As a company, our purpose is to help people get a tiny bit better, every day, forever. This is reflected in the work we do in two ways: 1. We are constantly thinking about how the products or services we are creating help to improve someone’s life or business. 2. We are constantly thinking about how we can train, support, empower, and improve the lives of our teammates. We take time to listen, guide, and encourage each other and seek ways to understand who our teammates are and what they want to be in the world. 
  2. Internally Motivated, Team-Focused – We are artists, creators, and craftspeople who take pride in the work we do. Individually, we seek to be better in order to do better. Better work means greater impact. Collectively, we know that our ability to make an impact is multiplied when working with other individuals who are equally motivated to be better and do better. 
  3. Energy Giving, Not Taking – We understand that the work we do, and the people we do it with, is one of the most significant decisions we can make in life. It’s for this reason that we are building a team of people who are energy givers, not takers. Some common traits of energy givers include the ability to authentically praise someone else, an interest in others’ lives, being fully present and listening well, and a willingness to laugh, have fun, and play. 
  4. Do the Work – If something needs to get done we do it. We are not above doing small tasks that need to happen in order to move our mission and purpose forward. At the same time, we’re smart about how we delegate, outsource, and strategically work with a team to allocate tasks to areas of expertise and, when appropriate, find ways to have someone else take on tasks and responsibilities in a way that allows us to work on our areas of unique ability. 
  5. Unsurpassable Worth – We believe that every person we interact with, whether a reader, customer, or teammate, has unsurpassable worth, and we treat them as such. In this way, we are all on the same level. This is true regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. 
We’re huge fans of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, and currently rolling it out to the entire company.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/tinybit-ux-engineer


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